The book of rounds

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Format: Music Score 1977
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Adam catched Eve
À Dieu seul soit honneur
Adieu, sweet Amarillis
Adiuva nos Deus
The agreement
Ah me! What perils
Ah, the songs of Cherubini
All in a fairy ring
All in to service
All in to service the bells toll
All we here, or, the agreement
All who sing
An answer to Tom's jolly nose
And see'st thou my cow
Are you sleeping?/Three blind mice
Ars longa, vita brevis
As I me walked
As I went by the way
As I went over the tawny marsh
As Jenny one morning
Ask me why I do not sing
The assignation
As the moments
As there be three blewe beans
As through the town
At summer morn
Attend my people
At the close of the evening
Ave Maria
Awake! Awake! Awake! Awake!
Banbury ale
Before you make a promise
The bell doth toll
Beneath in the dust
Benedic, Domine, nobis his
Beware! dearest comrades
Birch and green holly
Bless them that curse you
Blest, blest is he
A blooming youth lies buried
A boat, a boat!
Boldly with mettle
Bring the tea tray
Bring thy treasures
Bubbling and splashing
Busy, curious, thirsty fly
Buy my dainty fine beans
Buy my primroses
Buzz, buzz quothe the blue fly
By shady woods
Call for the best
Call for the reck'ning
Calm he rests
Cantate Domino
Cantiamo compagni
Catch that is merry
Celebrons sans cesse
C'est benir ton nom
Chairs to mend
The cheerful day is dawning
Christe eleison (II)
Christmas is coming
The clouds send the rain
Come buy my cherries
Come, come away
Come, come away to the tavern
Come, come delightful spring
Come, count the time for me
Come drink, my friend Tom
Come, drink to me
Come, follow me
Come follow me to the greenwood tree
Come, follow me with merry glee
Come, follow to the greenwood tree
Come hither, Tom
Come, honest friends
Come join with me
Come, lay aside your sighing
Come, let's laugh
Come, let's sing a merry round
Come, let us all a-Maying go
Come, let us cast the dice
Come, let us laugh
Come, merry men
Come, my hearts, let's now be merry
Come now, let us jovial be
Come, now let us merry be
Come, pretty maidens, what will you buy?
Come, sing along with me
Come to the old oak tree
Come where shall we walk (The assignation)
Come with gladness
Conditor Kyrie
Count or Sory, why what of he!
Crooked rifles
Cuckoo, good neighbors help us
Cuckoo, hark how he sings
Curs'd be the wretch
Dainty, fine aniseed water
Dame, lend me a loaf
Dans la forêt lointaine
Day is breaking
Day is gone
Dear Father, the girl
Death is a long, long sleep
De bezem
Delicta quis
Derry ding ding dasson
Din, ding, ding, dong bell
Disturb not the plover
Domine Fili Dei vivi
Dona nobis pacem
Donec à boire
Donna che un sasso prese
Dost thou not remember, Ned?
Down in a dungeon deep
Drink on, drink on till night be spent
Drink tonight of the moonshine bright
Early to bed and early to rise
Elephants or the force of habit
Emitte lucem taum
Et in terra pax
Exaudi Domine
Fair morn
Fair morn, ascends
Fair Ursley
Faith, thou beacon
Farewell we sing
Fay mi fa re
Fides est animae vita
Firmly stand, my native land
Flowers are dying
The fly she sat
Follow me
Follow me quickly
The force of habit
For health and strength
Frère Jacques
A friend, a friend
Fruitful fields are waving
Gently flow
Giles jolt, as sleeping
Give me the sweet delights of love
Glad am I
Gloria in excelsis Deo
God preserve his Majesty
God save the Queen
Go learn of the ant
Gone is autumn's kindly glow
Go no more to Brainford
Good night, good night
Good unexpected
Go to Joan Glover
The great bells of Oseney
Great Tom is cast
Had she not care enough
Haec est vita aeterna
Hail, hail green fields
Halleluiah, halleluiah
Half an hour past twelve o'clock
Hallo, in the forest track
Hard is the fate
Hark, hark, hark to the curfew
Hark, how the woods
Hark! I hear the hunters
Hark! The bell is ringing
Hark! The merry bells are ringing
Hark, the nightingale
Hark! 'Tis the cuckoo's voice
Hark! 'Tis the Indian drum
Hark! Without
The hart, he loves the high wood
Haste thee, nymph
Have you any work for a tinker?
Have you observed?
Have you Sir John Hawkins' hist'ry?
Ha! We to the other world
Hear the lively song of the frogs
Hear thou my prayer
Heave an ho, rumbelow, or, Turn again, Whittington
Hello! Hello!
Here flat on her back
Here I go
Here innocence and beauty lies
Here in sweet sleep
Here lies a woman
Here lies, here lies
Here lies poor Teague
Here on his back doth lay
Here pleasures are few
Here's a health
Here stand I
Here, where rippling waters
He that drinks is immortal
He that reads this verse
He that will an alehouse keep
He who'd lead a happy life
Hey down a down, behold and see
Hey ho, behold, I will show
Hey, ho! Nobody at home
Hey ho! To the greenwood!
Hi! Cheerily ho!
Hoffmann, Hoffmann
Hold thy peace
Horse to trot, to trot, I say
Hot spice gingerbread
How clear is the trumpet
How should I sing well?
Humpty Dumpty
Huntsman sound the winding horn
Hurrah! Hurrah!
I am athirst
I am so weary
I am weary of my groaning
I ask you
I believe, O Lord
I cannot sing this catch (The laughing catch)
I charge ye, o daughters of Jerusalem
Ich weiss nicht
I envy not the mighty great
If a hard and weary task
I faint, I die
If all be true that I do think
If hungry my nose
If I know what you know
If I sing ahead of you
If neither brass nor marble
If thou art an honest friend
If you will drink for pleasure
I have no hopes
I lay with an old man
Ill fares the family
I'll tell my mother
I love to hear the pealing bells
I'm not strong, sir!
In darkness
In te Domine speravi
Intende voci orations meae
Intombed here lies good Sir Harry
I, poor and well
I pray you, good mother
I, Thomas of Bedford
It is light
It must be
It's jolly to swing
I've lost my mistress, horse, and wife
I've seen the smiling
I wept and chastened myself
Jack and Jill
Jack boy, ho!
Jack thou'rt ... come, come
Jinkin the jester
Joan, come kiss me now
Joan has been galloping
John Cooper was boring
Johnny, Johnny
John ran
Join in singing hallelujah
Join we all to swell the song
The jolly month of May
Jolly shepherd
Joy and temperance
Joy in the gates
June, lovely June
Keep to the work
The kine
Kit and Tom child
Kühl, nicht lau
Kyrie eleison
Lacrimoso son io
Lady, come down and see
La la la mi
La musique est un art
La nuit pâlit
The lark, linnet, and nightingale
Laudate nomen
Laudate nomen Domini
The laughing catch
Laughing, laughing, laughing
Laughing May is here
Laughter makes the world go round
Let me sleep this night away
Let our voices now ring out
Let's cast away care and merrily sing
Let's drink and let's sing together
Let's drink to all our wives
Let's have a peal
Let's have a peal for John Cooke's soul
Let Simon's beard alone
Let the wind blow
Let us be merry in our old clothes
Let us endeavor
Let us love and drink
Let us now be up and doing
Libera me Domine a persequentibus
Life is a jest
Like as a father
List to the sound
The little bell at Westminster
Little Bo-peep
Little Miss Muffet
Little moon came out
The long grass ripples
Long live the King
Look, neighbors, look
Lord, hear the poor
Lost he wanders
Louis Charles Zenobie Salvador Maria
Love, love, sweet love
The Macedon youth
Maiden fair and slender
The maid she went a-milking
Malt's come down
Mane nobiscum
Margery, serve well the black sow
Mark where the bee
Master, come help me
The mate to a cock
Maudit sois-tu carillonneur
May brings round
May does ev'ry fragrance
The May queen's plaint
May the Queen live long
Melancholy, folly!
Merrily, merrily greet the morn
Merrily, merrily, on we ride
Merrily we shepherds live
Merry bells of Hamburg town
Merry, merry Christmas
Merry roundelay
Miller, a miller
The miller's daughter
Miserere nostri Domine secundum
Miserere nostri Domine viventium
Miss Sue
Mister Chairman, I rise to move
Mr. Jeremy Clarke's old dog Spot
Mocking, mocking
Money, money, 'tis that only
Mongst other folks
The moon is up
The morn doth break
Morning bells I love to hear
Morning is come
Morning papers
Mortals learn your lives to measure
Mourn Anglia
Mourn for the thousands slain
Musing mine own self
My heart once as light as a feather
My lady and her maid
My mistress will not be content
My wife has a tongue
Never let a man
Never murmuring
Never till tomorrow leave
New oysters, new oysters
The nightingale
Nor love thy life
Not a day more than thirty
Now God be with old Simeon
Now I am married
Now kiss the cup, cousin
Now the blacksmith's arm
Now the day is nearly done
Now the last load
Now to all a kind goodnight
Now we are met
Now we are met and humors agree
Now we'll make the rafters ring
Now we say farewell
Now when the summer's fruits
Oaken leaves
The oak from a small acorn
O, ale ab alendo
O come sweet music
O! Come sweet slumber
Of Alfred the Great
Of all the instruments
O, give thanks
Oh, Absalom, my son
Oh happy, oh happy
Oh! Ever against eating cares
Oh fairest maid
Oh how lovely is the evening
Oh Lord chastise me not
Oh music, sweet music
Oh, my love!
Oh, praise the Lord, ye that fear him
Oh, that my head were waters
O lady moon
Old Abraham Brown
O Lord in thee is all my trust
O Lord on whom do I depend
O my fearful dreams
Once in Arcadia
Once in our lives
Once industrious insect
One, two, three
On mules we find
Ora et labora
O render thanks
Orleans, Beaugency
O sweet simplicity
O! The wily, wily fox with his many wily mocks
O, where shall rest be found
O! yes, O! yes, O! yes
Parking a car
Past ten o'clock, the watchman's call
Peter White
Pietas omnium virtutum
The pigeon is never woe
Pleasant is it
Poor Owen
Poor Ralpho
Poor Robin Redbreast
Praise the Lord, ye servants
Pray, remember
Pri'thee why so sad?
The prophet's old dog, or, Mr. Jeremy Clarke's old dog Spott
Purling streams
Quicquid petieritis patrem
Quoth Roger to Nelly
Ram sam sam
Reaching and winding
A riddle, my man John
River, that in silence windest
Roaming o'er the meadows
Rose, rose, rose
Round! A round!
Row, row, row your boat
Run up the sail
Sanct Escriture
Sandy McNab
Scotland's burning
See the raindrops
See those poor fellows
Sev'n great towns of Greece
Shalom, chaverim
She that will eat her breakfast in bed
Shew a room
She weepeth sore
Sh'ma Yisroel
Short, short is the pain
Signor Abbate
The silver swan
Since time so kind
Since wine, love, music present are
Sing it over
Sing me another
Sing one, two, three
Sing this grave and simple strain
Sing we now our morning song
Sing we this roundelay
Sing with my mouth
Sing you now after me
Si non paruisti
Sir Walter, enjoying his damsel one night
Sleep, sleep well
Smoothly glide
Society, the life of man
So come! So come!
So peaceful rests
Sound the clarion!
Sound the strain again
Southerly wind
Spider and the fly
The spring is come
Strange news from the rose
Su cantiamo, su beviamo
Summer is icumen in
Sweep, sweep
Sweet are the sounds
Sweet goodnight
Sweet the pleasures of spring
There was three cooks in Colebrook
These are the cries of London town
They march, they march
Thirty days hath September
This galloping, galloping Joan
This is one canon
This is the way the ploughboy goes
Those evening bells
Three blind mice
Three blind mice/Dame Julianne
Three blind mice, they ran around thrice
Three bulls and a bear
Three geese in Halberstoe
Three little words
Time and tide
Timothy Tippen's horse
'Tis blithe May day
'Tis humdrum
'Tis providence alone secures
'Tis thus, thus, and thus farewell
'Tis too late for a coach
'Tis women
Tock, tick tock ... dear old Mälzel
Tom's jolly nose
Toomba toomba
To our musical club
To thee and to a maid
To thee 'tis given to live
Tread soft, my friend
Trumpets (reaching and winding)
Turn again Whittington
Turn Amaryllis
Turn not from sad sorrow
Twelve bright elves
'Twixt Dick and Tom
Two lawyers, two lawyers
Uds nigs, here ligs John digs
Uncurb'd tongues
Under a green elm
Underneath this mould'ring clay
Under this stone lies Gabriel John
Universa transeunt
Up and down this world goes round
Uxor mea, uxor polla
Verbum Domini manet
Vias tuas, Domine
Viva, viva la musica
Wake and sing
Wake up! Wake up!
War begets poverty
Warble for us, echo sweet
Wars are our delight
The watchman's call
The water-go-round
We cats when assembled
We country clodhoppers
We list to the sound
Well fare the nightingale
Well rung, Tom
We thank thee
What's icumen in?
What you would not have done to yourself
When a weary task you find it
Whene're noble deed is wrought
Whenever I marry, I'll marry a maid
When first the sun
When is it best?
When Judith had laid
When o'er earth's face
When spring returns again
When Troy Town
When V and I together meet
Where are you going my pretty maid
Where is John?
Where they drank their wine in bowls
Whether you whisper low
While Adam slept
The white hen
White sand and gray sand
White wine and sugar
Who can swim?
Who comes laughing
Who'll buy my posies
Who'll buy my roses, my sweet pretty roses?
Why doesn't my goose
Will you come into my parlor? (The spider and the fly)
Wind gentle evergreen
Wine, wine in a morning
The winter dark and dreary
Winter days
The winter has passed
The wise men were but seven
With a down, down hey, derry down
With deep-toned horn
With merry glee
With warning hand
Woes au be by wi dinking
A woman's rule
Would you be loved by others
Would you know how we meet?
Would you sing a catch
Ye heavens if innocence deserves your care
Ye sportive birds
Yes! Tis raining
You beat, beat your plate.

Additional Information
Subjects Glees, catches, rounds, etc.
Publisher New York :Dutton,1977
Edition 1st ed.
Contributors Taylor, Mary Catherine, 1903- editor.
Dyk, Carol, editor.
Language English
Notes "A Sunrise book."
Description 1 score (xxviii, 292 pages) : illustrations ; 28 cm
ISBN 0876901828
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