Song Dex treasury of humorous and nostalgic songs

Language: English
Format: Music Score 1956
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[pt. 1]. There is a tavern in the town ; Ta-ra-ra boom-de-ay! ; There'll be a hot time ; Sweet Rosie O' Grady ; After the ball ; Daisies won't tell ; The sidewalks of New York (East Side, West Side) ; Sweet bunch of daisies ; Little Annie Rooney ; The sunshine of Paradise Alley ; Bicycle built for two (Daisy Bell) ; My sweetheart's the man in the moon ; The Bowery ; Comrades ; The band played on ; She may have seen better days ; On a Saturday night ; Dreaming ; Only one girl in the world for me ; Mother pin a rose on me ; Molly O! ; Good morning, Carrie! ; The story of the rose (Heart of my heart) ; Two little girls in blue ; Playmates ; Molly and I and the baby ; You gave me your love ; There'll come a time ; You are the only girl I'll ever care about ; Just one girl ; Venus, my shining love ; Every night in Central Park ; Mary Kelly's beau ; While strolling in the park one day ; Take back the heart ; She is more to be pitied than censured ; You tell me your dream, I'll tell you mine (I had a dream one day) ; Poor little Mary ; She may be somebody's mother ; I was once your wife ; Bill Bailey ; Whoa, Emma! ; Call her back and kiss her ; The man on the flying trapeze ; We won't go home until morning (For he's a jolly good fellow) ; The old gray mare ; Hinky dinky parley-voo ; Old MacDonald had a farm ; Let me shake the hand that shook the hand of Sullivan ; We all went home in a cab ; Finigan's wake ; O'Grady's goat ; O'Dwyer caught a cold ; Where the chicken got the axe ; On the way home from Riley's ; O'Hoolighan ; When Hogan paid his rent ; Dan paid for the oysters ; I handed it over to Riley ; The Irish poker club ; The Irish jubilee ; Since McManus goes down to the track ; Mike McCarty's wake ; There goes McManus ; The party at Odd Fellow's Hall ; Maloney and the brick ; Singing at the hallway door ; Pat Maloney's family ; Dooligan's ghost ; Sergeant McGee of the N.Y.M.P. ; Many a time ; When the doctor sees you ; Casey's social club ; The Irish spree ; Hugh McCue ; His name is Patrick Brannigan ; He don't know where he's at ; The chili widow ; McFadden's uptown flat ; Throw him down, McCloskey ; Tommy make room for your uncle ; The Irish wedding ; Locked out after nine ; Bidalia McCann ; His funeral's to-morrow ; Number four, second floor ; McCarthy's widow ; Dan McGoogan's goat ; There are moments (when one wants to be alone) ; What's the matter with your feet? ; What's in a name? ; Mrs. Patrick Casey's swell pink tea ; Larry Moore ; He is Irish! ; Mary Ann, I'll tell your ma ; Pat Malloy ; Who threw the overalls in Mrs. Murphy's chowder? ; Down went McGinty ; McSorley's twins ; I've worked eight hours this day ; Face upon the barroom floor ; Why don't they do so now? ; I had but fifty cents ; Only a hundred girls ; I'll place it in the hands of my attorney ; Song of the plumber ; Thankful every time ; When Susan Thompson tries to reach high C ; To be sure it's no business of mine ; Once was enough for him ; They would if they could, but they can't ; Curious cures ; Last week I took a wife ; The dark girl dressed in blue ; May Irwin's "frog" song ; May Irwin's "bully" song ; Plum pudding ; The things I've neglected to do ; The careful man ; I've been to gay Paree ; The charming young widow I met in the train ; Mary Black from Hackensack ; The girl that keeps the peanut stand ; Jonah and the whale ; Skating on the ice ; Five little dogs with curly tails ; Johnny Sands ; The preacher and the bear ; The national debt ; Never take the horse-shoe from the door ; You never miss the water till the well runs dry ; Where did you get that hat? ; Where was Moses when the light went out? ; A little bit off the top ; When Enoch he knocked, she knocked Enoch ; The cork leg ; The future Mrs. 'Awkins ; My old Dutch ; What cher (or knock'd em in the Old Kent Road) ; My wild Irish rose ; Love remains the same ; Home song ; Old fashioned mother ; What won't we do for love? ; The warmest baby in the bunch ; I guess I'll have to telegraph my baby ; Emmets cuckoo song ; Hot Tamale Alley ; The Broadway girl ; If you love me truly ; I told them that I saw you ; Break the news to Mother ; I've a longing in my heart for you, Louise ; Hello Central ; My gal is a high born lady ; Our grandfathers' days ; The pardon came too late ; Mother was a lady (If Jack were only here) ; The little lost child ; Sleep, baby, sleep ; As your hair grows whiter ; She was happy till she met you ; Belle O'Brien ; The lily of Laguna ; The soldiers of the queen ; Little Dolly Daydream (Pride of Idaho) ; Always ; Hush, little girl, don't cry ; Because ; Get your head above the crowd ; Lucky Jim ; When you and I were young, Maggie ; Honest John Jones ; On the banks of the Wabash, far away ; Lily Dale ; Darling Nelly Gray ; Kentucky babe ; The big sun flower ; The little Widow Dunn ; Market on Saturday night ; The mansion of aching hearts ; Piccaninny mine, good-night ; Off to Philadelphia ; Just because she made those goo-goo eyes ; Little Alabama boy ; Frankie and Johnnie ; Say "Au revoir" but not "Goodbye" ; I don't want to play in your yard ; In the baggage coach ahead ; Ain't that a shame ; The picture that is turned toward the wall ; Where there's a will there's a way ; Wait for the turn of the tide ; A rolling stone gathers no moss ; Glorious-glorious ; Here's to the maiden ; Gin-sling ; And when I die ; A toast ; Forty-nine bottles ; Drinking song ; Whiskey-still ; Pass around the good old beer ; Buffalo gals ; The yellow rose of Texas ; 'Cross the wide Missouri (Oh, Shenandoah) ; On top of Old Smokey ; Red River Valley ; Down in the valley ; Bury me out on the prairie ; Hand me down my walking cane ; Dogie song ; The railroad corral ; Git along little dogies ; When the work's all done this fall ; Cowboy Jack ; Cowboy's meditation ; Rosalie, the prairie flower ; O bury me not on the lone prairie ; The Old Chisholm Trail ; Home on the range ; That Big Rock Candy Mountain ; Life on the ocean wave ; Sailing, sailing ; A capital ship ; Blow the man down ; My last cigar ; Every inch a sailor ; Down went the captain ; Nancy Lee ; A Yankee ship, and a Yankee crew ; I am a rover of the sea ; The king of the main ; Tarpaulin jacket ; All on account of Eliza ; The midshipmite ; Rocked in the cradle of the deep ; The mermaid ; A thousand leagues away ; Homeward bound ; Good-bye, my lover, good-bye ; The tar's farewell ; Ten thousand miles away ; Rio Grande ; Rumsty-ho! ; Polly wolly doodle ; The bull dog ; Little Moses ; The owl and the pussy cat ; Son of a gambolier ; The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo ; Vive l'amour (Vive la compagnie) ; Co-ca-che-lunk ; Killaloe ; There were three crows ; Cannibalee ; The three little pigs ; Way down in Maine ; The debutante ; Amici ; Some say that true love is a pleasure ; Maria ; Mrs. Craigin's daughter ; Salamagundi ; Poker song ; Alikazander ; Nineteen hundred and eight ; The moon-lighter ; Rig-jag-jig-jag ; Tourelay ; She's gone, let her go ; Bacon and greens ; Stand by your glasses ; Old man Moses ; Is Maud in? ; Naughty Clara ; An ancient Irish proverb ; The Poco's daughter ; Hi Jenny, ho Jenny Johnson ; Signor MacSinger, the baritone singer ; Old Thompson's mule ; Tally ho ; Imogene Donahue ; Will you walk a little faster? ; Sweet Marie ; Beautiful ballad of Waska Wee ; Boreen ; The king of the Cannibal Islands ; Ba, be ; Down by the riverside ; The Spanish guitar ; Gaudeamus igitur ; The man in the moon's ball ; The yodel song ; Paddy and the frog ; The Spanish cavalier ; Dutch warbler ; Ching-a-ling-ling ; Upidee ; Halico! Calico! ; When good fellows get together ; Simon the cellarer ; Peanut song ; Rig-a-jig ; The three flies ; The lone fish-ball ; Mush, mush ; Little wee dog ; Noah's ark ; Nut brown maiden ; Bingo, balm of Gilead ; Abdul, the bulbul ameer ; Last night ; Come, landlord, fill the flowing bowl ; Meerschaum pipe ; The Lauterbach maiden ; His heart was true to Poll ; Old King Cole ; Michael Roy ; Old man Noah ; The yellow and blue ; We meet again tonight! ; Spanish proverb ; Shool ; Eton boating song ; Come back to me ; Star of the summer night ; There's music in the air ; The lady in crape ; Gypsy love song ; Jan was a gpsy bold ; Good morning ; The lily and the nightingale ; With lance in rest ; Romany life ; If people said the things they mean ; The angelus ; Cupid and I ; Woman, lovely woman ; Gaze on this face ; With cracking of whip ; Don Jose of Sevilla ; In fair Andalusia ; I envy the bird ; Song of the carbine ; I love thee ; In the fair hamlet of Fancy ; The silent rose ; In glory breaks the golden morn ; I'm the most original ; Amaryllis ; My heart is palpitating ; Titled widows all are we ; Time will come (The outlaw's song) ; Dreaming, dreaming ; In Dreamland ; Star light, star bright ; My Angeline ; Fairy tales ; The tattooed man ; Hey-diddle-diddle! When man is in love ; Chin chin Chinaman ; A geisha's life ; Dear little Jappy-Jap-Jappy ; The amorous goldfish ; The jewel of Asia ; Chon Kina ; Toy duet ; Jack's the boy ; The interfering parrot ; That Viennese waltz ; Now he is my own ; Kiss duet ; Hear the waltz ; Waltzing, wine, and merry song ; Fledermaus. Serenade ; Let me explain ; Fledermaus. Trio ; Champagne song ; Fledermaus. 1st finale ; I'm happy at Maxim's ; For I'm a true loving wife ; The torpedo and the whale ; The merry widow. Finale, act III ; They call me the Belle of New York ; When we are married ; Teach me how to kiss, dear ; Santa Maria, my joy, my pride ; Farewell to the king's highway ; Armorer's song ; The nightingale and the rose ; Brown October ale ; The boy guessed right ; Love that no wrong can cure ; Don't be cross ; The magnet and churn ; In good Queen Bess's days ; Said I to myself, said I ; A wandering minstrel ; The flowers that bloom in the spring ; Tit willow ; Here's a how-de-do ; Mi-ya-sa-ma ; The criminal cried ; I'm called Little Buttercup ; We sail the ocean blue ; Carefully on tip-toe stealing ; Over the bright blue sea ; I am the monarch of the sea ; Admiral's song ; Let's give three cheers ; When I was a lad ; H.M.S. Pinafore. Finale ; I am a courtier ; There lived a king ; A regular royal queen ; Dance a cachucha ; The judge's song ; A policeman's lot ; The monkey's wedding ; Barb'ry Allen ; Sittin' on a rail ; Good-night, ladies ; A little more cider ; Good sweet ham ; Somebody loves me ; The history of the world ; The foggy, foggy dew ; Folks that put on airs ; Careless love ; I gave my love a cherry (The riddle) ; I've been working on the railroad ; Wait for the wagon ; Paddle your own canoe ; The blue-tail fly ; Stop that knocking at the door ; Shortnin' bread ; Carry me back to old Virginny ; She'll be comin' round the mountain ; Rosa Lee ; Susan Jane ; Aunt Dinah's quilting party ; Billy Boy ; Ten little kiddies ; Rosalie ; Aura Lee ; John Henry ; The little brown jug ; That little old red shawl ; When the corn is waving, Annie dear ; The little gal who winked at me ; Nicodemus Johnson ; Oh, Zeke ; At a Georgia camp meeting ; O! them golden slippers ; Dixie ; Old folks at home ; Beautiful dreamer ; Gentle Annie ; Jeanie with the light brown hair ; Come where my love lies dreaming ; Oh, boys, carry me 'long ; Old Black Joe ; My old Kentucky home ; Camptown races ; Old dog Tray ; Oh! Susanna ; Nelly was a lady ; Nelly Bly ; Massa's in de cold, cold ground ; Angelina Baker ; Hard times come again no more ; Uncle Ned ; Melinda ; Maggie by my side ; Farewell my Lilly ; The Campbells are coming ; Auld lang syne ; Drink to my only with thine eyes ; Logie O'Buchan ; Annie Laurie ; Blue bell of Scotland ; On the rocks by Aberdeen ; In the gloaming ; My heart is sair for somebody ; Flow gently, sweet Afton ; Within a mile of Edinburgh Town ; Charlie is my darling ; My love is like a red red rose ; Comin thro' the rye ; A Highland lad my love was born ; Bring back my bonnie to me ; A man's a man for a' that ; The land o' the leal ; We'd better bide a wee ; The Ingle side ; Ye banks and braes of Bonnie Doon ; Scots wha hae wi' Wallace bled ; Robin Adair ; Bonnie Doon ; The birks of Aberfeldy ; My heart's in the Highlands ; John Anderson, my jo ; The waefu' heart ; Duncan Gray ; Auld Robin Gray ; Bonnie Dundee ; March of the Cameron men ; Here awa', there awa' ; Jock O'Hazeldean ; Shamrock, thistle, and rose ; Katty, darling ; An Irish love song ; The green little shamrock ; An Irish folk song ; Father O'Flynn ; Brian Boru ; Widow Malone ; Paddy Duffy's cart ; The rose of Tralee ; Kitty Tyrrell ; Kathleen Mavourneen ; The Cruiskeen lawn ; Cockles and mussels (Molly Malone) ; 'Tis the last rose of summer ; Rich and rare were the gems she wore ; Believe me if all those endearing young charms ; Oh! the days are gone when beauty bright ; Minstrel boy ; Snowy-breasted pearl ; The harp that once thro' Tara's halls ; Erin, the tear and the smile is thine ; Come back to Erin ; The Irish jaunting car ; Kate Kearney ; Londonderry air ; Killarney ; The bonnie blue flag ; Kathleen Aroon ; Husheen ; St. Patrick's Day ; Meeting of the waters ; Wearing of the green ; The lass with the delicate air ; The low-backed car ; The pretty girl milking her cow ; Kitty of Coleraine ; Colleen Bawn ; The fine ould Irish gentleman ; Dublin Bay ; St. Patrick was a gentleman ; Plaisir d'amour ; L'addio a Napoli ; Marianna ; Tra la la ; Caro mio ben ; La vera sorrentina ; Carme ; Non ti rammenti? ; Carmela mia ; O marenariello ; Vieni sul mar! ; Oh Marie ; Take me home ; Tiritomba ; Mandolinata ; Lu cardillo ; L'addio del voluntario ; Neapolitan song ; Santa Lucia ; Nina ; Serenata napolitana ; Ciribiribin ; Funiculi, funicula ; Carmela ; El cefiro ; Amor ; Tu ; Adelita ; Ay, ay, ay ; Juanita ; Me gustan todas ; Tu-ru-ru-ru ; El tortillero ; La perla ; To morrow ; Teresita mia ; Mucama ; Canto do cysne ; Se nao me amas, Oh! mulher ; Minha esperança ; Du, Du liegst mir im Herzen ; Muss i denn zum Städtle hinaus ; Der Krähwinkler Landsturm ; Bier Walzer ; In einem kühlen Grunde ; Doktor Eisenbart ; Sah ein Knab' ein Röslein stehn ; Wenn ich ein Vöglein war ; Es ist bestimmt in Gottes Rat ; Schlaf, Kindchen schlaf ; So leb denn wohl, du stilles Haus ; Kommt ein Vogerl geflogen ; Kuckuk, Kuckuk ruft aus dem Wald ; Ännchen von Tharau ; Andreas Hofer ; Der Mai ist gekommen ; Bald prangt, den Morgen zu verkünden ; Wer hat dich, du schöner Wald ; Auch ich war ein Jüngling ; Hier im ird'schen Jammertal ; Hobellied ; Drunten im Unterland ; Es ritten drei Reiter zum Tore hinaus ; Hans und Lisel ; Mädle ruck, ruck, ruck ; Ca, ca geschmauset ; Beautiful Waipio = Maikai Waipio ; Gardenia flower = Pua sadinia ; Adios ke aloha ; Sweet lei mamo ; Sweet violet ; Let poni moi = Wreath of carnations ; Maui girl ; Aloha oe ; Forget-me-not ; I love thee = Ich liebe dich ; Songs my mother taught me ; Oh promise me ; Maiden's prayer ; None but the lonely heart ; Villanelle ; On wings of song ; The Lorelei ; Who is Sylvia? ; Hark! hark! the lark ; A dream ; My love was just a day dream ; Come into the garden, Maud ; Just tell them that you saw me ; Absence makes the heart grow fonder ; Roll on, silver moon ; The old-fashioned well by the way-side ; Do they miss me at home ; Vacant chair ; I cannot sing the old songs ; How can I leave thee? ; Forgotten ; Asleep in the deep ; Home again ; The soldier's farewell ; How can I bear to leave thee (Soldier's farewell) ; When love is kind ; Home, sweet home ; What is home without a mother? ; Long, long ago ; Thine eyes so blue and tender ; Sweet Genevieve ; The old oaken bucket ; Whispering hope ; Silver threads among the gold ; The monastery bells ; The dearest spot on earth ; I want to see my dear old home ; Listen to the mocking bird ; The sweetest story ever told ; When the swallows homeward fly ; Sweet and low ; Ben Bolt ; Love's old sweet song ; Do they think of me at home? ; Breeze of night ; Grandfather's clock ; The little brown church in the vale ; Oft in the stilly night ; Good-bye ; Beauty's eyes ; Emmet's lullaby (Go to sleep, Lena darling) ; Alouette ; Strike the harp gently ; Gipsy's warning ; In old Madrid ; Alice, where are thou? ; The star spangled banner ; America ; America the beautiful ; Maryland, my Maryland ; Columbia, the gem of the ocean ; Battle hymn of the republic ; Hail, Columbia ; Columbia (anthem) ; Artillery song (Caisson song) ; The Marines' hymn ; Hail to the chief ; John Brown's body ; Tramp, tramp, tramp ; The girl I left behind me ; Tenting on the old camp ground ; Rule, Britannia ; The maple leaf forever ; La Marseillaise ; Finlandia ; Mexican national hymn ; Oh, the land that we love ; The rosary ; The holy city ; The lost chord ; The palms ; Give me that old time religion ; Joshua fought the battle of Jericho ; Deep river ; Go down Moses ; Swing low, sweet chariot ; Keep them golden gates wide open ; Nobody knows the trouble I've seen ; Steal away ; Heav'n heav'n ; Hear them bells ; Roll, Jordan, roll ; Somebody's knocking at your door ; Kingdom coming ; I am a poor wayfaring stranger ; Climbing up the golden stairs ; Jingle bells ; Silent night! Holy night! ; Christmas song ; Star of the East ; O come, all ye faithful ; It came upon the midnight clear ; The first Noel ; O little town of Bethlehem ; Good King Wenceslas ; We three kings of Orient are ; God rest ye, merry gentlemen ; Joy to the world ; Hark! the herald angels sing ; Away in a manger
pt. 2. Give my regards to Broadway ; You're a grand old flag ; Life's a funny proposition after all ; I'm a Yankee Doodle dandy ; Forty-five minutes from Broadway ; I'm mighty glad I'm living and that's all ; Mary's a grand old name ; So long Mary ; Nesting in a New York tree ; Good-bye Flo ; If I were only Mister Morgan ; Sweet popularity ; Always leave them laughing (when you say good-bye) ; I love every girl in the wide, wide world ; Then I'd be satisfied with life ; I want to be a popular millionaire ; The story of the wedding march ; The governor of the state ; 'Op in me 'ansom ; Sweet summer breeze ; The knot of blue ; The mascot of the troop ; I want what I want when I want it ; The Keokuk culture club ; The nightingale and the star ; A widow has ways ; In old New York ; Mignonette ; You never can tell about a woman ; The isle of our dreams ; I want you to marry me ; I, and myself, and me ; Debonair ; The time, the place, and the girl ; Jografree ; The only one ; Nature class ; Love's golden day ; Always do as people say you should ; I can't do the sum ; Toyland ; My lady 'tis for thee ; Absynthe frappe ; A woman is only a woman (but a good cigar is a smoke) ; Under the bamboo tree ; In the good old summer time ; I can't tell why I love you, but I do ; When you smile ; Telephone me, baby ; Ida! sweet as apple cider ; I don't care ; Meet me in St. Louis, Louis ; And leave the driving to us ; In Cincinnati ; Sweet Adeline ; In the shade of the old apple tree ; Is everybody happy? ; Bell bottomed trousers ; In my merry Oldsmobile ; Tammany ; That's where my money goes ; At Maxime's ; Waltz me around again, Willie ; Susie Woosie ; Pretty little Dinah Jones ; Strike up the band ; Hello my baby ; Good-bye, my lady love ; Bedelia ; I wonder why Bill Bailey don't come home ; He's my pal ; Mister Dooley ; My Irish Molly O ; Over there ; And her golden hair was hanging down her back ; Just my style ; Is your mother in, Molly Malone? ; Good-bye, my honey, I'm gone ; My blushin' Rosie ; Josephine, my Jo ; Elise from Chelsea ; Heaven will protect the working girl ; Good morning, Carrie! ; Streets of Cairo ; The whistler and his dog ; National emblem march ; Be good! ; When you were sweet sixteen ; Honey that I love so well ; Dear old girl ; You're drifting away from me ; Blow the smoke away ; My gal Sal ; On the banks of the Wabash ; Somebody's sweetheart I want to be ; Can't you see I'm lonely ; I'm trying so hard to forget you ; Good-bye Dolly Gray ; The good old U.S.A. ; Come take a trip in my space-ship ; Her eyes don't shine like diamonds ; The moth and the flame ; She was bred in old Kentucky ; I'm so sleepy ; In Dreamland ; Good-bye, little girl, good-bye ; And the world goes on ; Dreaming ; I've grown so used to you ; Longing for you ; Starlight ; Sympathy ; Waiting for a certain girl ; Be true to the band of gold ; Memories ; She's the image of her mother ; Just a little rocking chair and you ; Where the southern roses go ; Just a little attic, but it's home ; The song that I hear in my dreams ; When the autumn leaves are falling ; That old plaid shawl ; Where the sunset turns the ocean's blue to gold ; Friends that are good and true ; One called "Mother" (and the other "Home sweet home") ; The pumpkin pies that Mother used to make ; The squeak of my grandmother's chair ; I kind-a like to have you fussin' 'round ; Keep on the sunny side ; Back among the old folks once again ; Could you be true to eyes of blue ; The town where I was born ; A kind word goes a good way, after all ; Please come and play in my house ; Has your mother any more like you ; The songs of other days ; We've been living in a fool's paradise ; There's nobody just like you ; Let's all make hay while the sun shines ; Somebody's waiting for you ; Take back your gold ; You're as welcome as the flowers in May ; I never thought I'd miss you as I do ; I could dance forever ; Burn the old letters ; If I thought you could make him happy ; I do not ask your pity ; The home of the girl I love ; The fatal rose of red ; It's not what you were, it's what you are today ; Just a little sunshine ; The moon has eyes on you ; My guiding star ; Dear old Manhattan Isle ; Let bygones be bygones ; Don't you think you could care for me ; The maiden with the dreamy eyes ; All aboard for Dreamland ; First and only ; Every dollar carries trouble of its own ; Since Sally left our alley ; Be satisfied with what you have (Let well enough alone) ; When the saints come marchin' in ; Blue Bell ; On a Sunday afternoon ; A bird in a gilded cage ; In the sweet bye and bye ; Where the morning glories twine around the door ; Please go 'way and let me sleep ; My old New Hampshire home ; Just across the bridge of gold ; Lonesome ; When the harvest days are over ; I wonder if she's waiting ; Where was Moses when the light went out? ; My little Coney Isle ; What you goin' to do (when the rent comes 'round?) ; The spider and the fly ; The palace of silver and gold ; I'd leave my happy home for you ; I've a longing in my heart for you, Louise ; I want to be loved ; You couldn't hardly notice it at all ; I ain't a-gonna weep no more ; Good-bye, Eliza Jane ; Teasing ; Wait till the sun shines, Nellie ; Alexander ; That's what the daisy said ; No one else can take your place ; Would you care? ; Somewhere ; For old times sake ; Always in the way ; Somebody's waiting for me ; Navajo ; Pocahontas ; Iola ; Seminole ; Hiawatha ; Ma curly-headed baby ; Mammy's little pickanninny boy! ; Sing me a song of the South ; Des hold my hands tonight ; Don't you cry, my honey ; In the evening by the moonlight ; Skip to my Lou ; Mammy's little baby ; Down in Alabam ; The banjo is the instrument for me ; Happy days in Dixie ; The parade of the toy soldiers ; Three little chestnuts ; Nursery rhymes ; The woodchuck song ; The whizz-fish song ; The mermaid and the lobster ; The maiden and the lamb ; The tale of the turtle dove ; The two naughty flies ; What's sauce for the goose (is sauce for the gander) ; The story of the lily and the dew ; Two lovers ; My sugar baby ; The honeysuckle and the bee ; The honeybees' honeymoon ; Romance of the laundry ; The story of a clothes line ; When the rose and the bee were wed ; The tale of the bumble-bee ; Caw, caw, caw ; A rare old bird ; The proper way to kiss ; Blow, summer breeze ; When love is young (in springtime) ; The only way to love ; It's fun to be in love ; Amoureuse ; How'd you like to spoon with me? ; Will you love me in December as you do in May ; A kiss for each day in the week ; I like your way ; I love only one girl in this wide wide world ; The girl who cares for me ; A little girl like me ; Because you were an old sweetheart of mine ; To be loved by a girl you love ; It's nice to have a sweetheart ; What's the use of loving (if you can't love all the time) ; May I ; The girl you love ; If a girl like you loved a boy like me ; Ev'ry little bit helps ; I love him only ; You can't forget the old love ; I love you because you are you, dear ; Call me back again ; Three little words ; Raining ; There's nothing new to say ; Something that money can't buy ; Love ; Love will find the way ; When Cupid plays a little game of hearts ; Game of love ; What color eyes do you love? ; Lover's A, B, C ; Mister Cupid ; An innocent young maid ; When the right little girl comes along ; Vilikins and his Dinah ; Fanetello (a Spanish serenade) ; Harvard march ; The Princeton cannon song march ; Highball song ; Three times three ; Princeton Tigers ; Birthday greetings ; Boola boola ; Down the field ; Far above Cayuga's waters ; The Pope ; University of Michigan song ; As the backs go tearing by ; Two little flies ; My love at the window ; The speller's fate ; A son of a gun ; Zip! bang! it hit the mark ; He was nervous ; Weak woman ; I doubt it ; My college girl ; H₂So₄ on KCLO₃ ; A demonstration ; A man without a woman ; Limericks ; The Yang-tsi-kiang ; Boll weevil song ; Old Rosin, the beau ; Tom Dooley ; Sweet Betsy from Pike ; A frog he would a-courting go ; Green sleeves ; The centipede and the frog ; There was a young man ; One grasshopper jumped (right over the other grasshopper's back) ; Ain't gonna rain ; A whaler's yarn ; Shoo fly don't bother me ; Hail hail the gang's all here ; The more we get together ; I'll take you home again, Kathleen ; Dear Evelina, sweet Evelina ; Hurrah for Baffin's Bay ; The Erie Canal ; My gal on the Rio Grande ; The dying cowboy ; I wish I was single again ; By the silvery Rio Grande ; Birmingham Jail ; My darling Clementine ; I'd like to be in Texas ; The Texas cowboy ; The cowboy's dream ; Casey Jones ; How dry I am! ; The cowboy's lament ; Bad companions ; The tenderfoot ; Little Mohee ; Let 'er go ; Sam Bass ; Only a cowboy ; Willy the weeper ; Charlie Brooks ; Have you seen Dan McKenna? ; Lonely valley ; Death of John Henry ; In eleven more months and ten more days ; Patsy ory ory aye ; The picture on the floor ; Zebra Dun ; Beautiful language ; Riding down from Bangor ; The east bound train ; The trail to Mexico ; Goin' down the road ; The cowboy ; Today is Monday ; The bum song ; The glorious highball ; That's the time ; The cherry in the glass ; Mr. Wilson, that's all ; Gin ; Clink, clink, clink ; Drown in the bowl ; Now boys! what is it going to be? ; I don't want any Wurzburger ; Here's to the old folks at home ; Wine, women, and song ; Another little drink won't do no harm ; After business hours ; It's always fair weather (Stein song) ; Down where the Wurtzburger flows ; Bitter beer ; Stein song ; Fill up your stein ; Champagne song ; Champagne Charlie was his name ; The juice of the grape ; Wine, wine, wine ; Here's to the land which gave me birth ; Eat, drink, and be merry ; Good-bye, booze! ; I'm on the water wagon now ; R-E-M-O-R-S-E ; In the morning ; Oh! what a difference in the morning ; Water ; Come home, father ; I wonder what George Washington would say ; I live in Lazyland ; The dear old farm ; No wedding bells for me ; I married a wife ; All's for the best ; I don't mind if I do ; I'm a Jonah man ; I fell in love with Polly ; I can't make it out, can you? ; If I only knew how it was done ; When mosquitoes cackle ; Ain't it funny what a difference (just a few hours made) ; One of his legs is longer (than it really ought to be) ; How'd you like to be the iceman ; Zizzy, ze zum, zum! ; The phrenology loon ; Oh bliss! ; I happened to be there ; Stories Adam told to Eve ; How can things be on the level (when the world is round?) ; The working man ; Everybody works but father ; The man who heard it before ; Our language as it's spoken ; Since father went to work ; Following in father's footsteps ; Keep the horseshoe over the door ; Any old place I can hang my hat (is home sweet home to me) ; The whole Dam family ; I want to go to Morrow ; You'd better ask me ; I'll be busy all next week ; Time is money ; When you're broke ; The man behind ; Near it ; The leader of the German band ; Schnitzelbank ; I sing a little tenor ; Rootity-toot, she plays the flute ; I went to Paris with papa ; The little mad'moiselle ; Waiting at the church ; I love the last one best of all ; I've got troubles of my own ; When you ain't got no money (well you needn't come 'round) ; M-O-N-E-Y spells money ; Nobody ; If money talks (it ain't on speaking terms with me) ; Ramblin' Sam ; Oh didn't he ramble ; I may be crazy but I ain't no fool ; Talk don't buy me nothin' ; He walked right in, then turned around (and walked right out again) ; Don't know where I'm goin', but I'm on my way ; It's good enough for me ; A friend of mine told a friend of mine ; He was a sailor ; Robinson Crusoe's Isle ; Don't count your chickens before they are hatched ; Birds of a feather flock together ; Johnny Doolan's cat ; Do, do, my huckleberry, do ; They're all getting married but me ; Ways to catch a man ; I'm unlucky ; I'm tired ; There's not a thing I wouldn't do ; Carrie ; Yuba Dam ; All over ; A simple little string ; Not much ; Maggie Murphy's home ; Nothin' from nothin' leaves you ; Are you the O'Reilly? ; I owe ten dollars to O'Grady ; I've paid the ten dollars to O'Grady ; I've worked eight hours this day ; The blow almost killed father ; I had $15.00 in my inside pocket ; Duffy's blunders ; Maloney's leg ; Swim out, O'Grady ; When McGinnis drives up to the door ; Just to pay your respects to Maguiness ; Calligan, call again! ; When I was young and foolish ; The jackpot ; Drinking song ; Drill, ye tarriers, drill! ; The pig and the drunk ; Patty Murphy ; Lanigan's ball ; Miss Fogarty's Christmas cake ; Arrah, go on ; The hat my father wore ; Poor O'Hoolahan ; They wanted me to take his place ; Columbus was an Irishman ; How can they tell that oi'm Irish ; O'Dooley's five o'clock tear ; Mrs. Reilly's party ; Mrs. Grogan's boy ; The strap that mother used to fan my pants ; Maguines' birthday party ; Say, have you seen O'Houlihan? ; A bit o' blarney ; The shamrock band ; Paddy Shay ; Since Casey runs the flat ; A sprig o'shillalah ; O' O' O' Brien ; Rip! rip! rip! ; Ha-le ha-lo ; Sing a good old Irish song for me ; The Kilkenny Quartet ; My dad's dinner pail ; The old feather bed ; Sandy-haired Mary in our area ; When the clock in the tower strikes twelve ; Don't you miss the train ; The castaways ; The mountain dew ; John Riley's always dry ; Have one with me? ; My little side door ; Patrick's Day parade ; I love a lassie ; She is ma Daisy ; Early in the morning ; Breakfast in my bed on Sunday mornin' ; I love you ; I wish I had someone to love me ; Jean M'Neil ; Tobermory ; Inverary ; Jericho ; Killiecrankie ; The softest o' the family ; Piper MacFarlane ; Hey, Donal! ; Fou the noo ; Mr. John Mackie ; The weddin' of Lauchie M'Graw ; Sound advice ; Some folks do and other people don't ; I took him up to take him down ; Stop yer tickling, Jock ; Olcott's lullaby ; My beautiful Irish maid ; Day dreams ; Sweet Inniscarra ; Many years ago ; Katy Mahone ; For the love of thee ; The eyes that come from Ireland ; The Limerick girls ; Where the River Shannon flows ; The little old sod shanty ; My hame is where the heather blooms ; My laddie ; Bonnie sweet Bessie ; Scotch lassie, Jean ; My bonnie laddie ; The nasty way 'e sez it ; Gunga Din ; John Peel ; The coster's serenade ; All the girls are lov-er-ly-ov-er-ly ; I'm a king with a capital K ; My Honolulu tom boy ; Sweet lei Lehua ; Oh, tempt me not, my darling ; Kohala's breezes ; Papaia blossoms ; My Hawaiian maid ; A name for Kaiulani ; Flower of my heart ; The rose of heaven ; O budding flowers ; Clair de lune ; Lover's serenade ; Because ; Mighty like a rose ; Serenade ; Love me, and the world is mine ; Carissima ; O dry those tears ; For you ; When we're alone ; Love's last word ; Violets ; Sweet violets ; Cupid has found my heart ; One fine day ; I know a lovely garden ; Four Indian love lyrics. The temple bells ; Less than the dust ; Kashmiri song ; Till I wake ; I love you truly ; Still unexprest ; Just a-wearyin' for you ; The last long rest ; Parting ; Shadows ; Just lonesome ; May I print a kiss ; In a foreign land ; Man and woman ; My dearest dear ; Rendez-vous ; Four songs. Long ago ; What said thee lily fair? ; Ne'er go too close ; As the gloaming shadows creep ; Castles in the air ; Violets ; The message of the violet ; At parting ; Bedouin love song ; To my first love ; I love you dear, and only you ; In the shadow of the pyramid ; He's got the whole world in his hands ; My task ; I got a shoe ; Look down that lonesome road ; Eili, Eili.

Additional Information
Subjects Songbooks.
Publisher New York, N.Y. :Song Dex,1956
Other Titles World's most beloved humorous and nostalgic songs
Song Dex treasury of songs
Contributors Goodwin, George, 1900-1966, editor.
Language English
Notes Melodies with chord symbols.
Description 1 score (2 volumes) ; 26 cm
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