Songs for political action

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Disc one, The leftist roots of folk revival. The boll weevil (Carl Sandburg) ; Patriotic diggers (John Allison) ; London's bridge is falling down (Charles Seeger) ; Risselty rosselty (Charles & Ruth Crawford Seeger) ; Old grey mare (Ruth Crawford Seeger) ; Hands (Charles Seeger) ; Ragged hungry blues (part 1) ; Ragged hungry blues (part 2) (Aunt Molly Jackson) ; I'm going to organize, baby mine (Sara Ogan Gunning) ; I don't want your millions, mister (Tillman Cadle) ; Raggedy, raggedy ; No more mourning ; Join the union tonight ; We're going to roll the union on ; There is mean things happening in this land (John Handcox) ; Farmer's letter to the President ; Farm relief blues ; 11 cent cotton, 40 cent meat ; The hootenanny song ; Bank failures ; The rich man and the poor man ; The poor forgotten man (Bob Miller) ; The soup song ; The Internationale ; Rise up (Comintern) ; United front ; Forward, we've not forgotten ; In praise of learning (New Singers) ; On the picket line ; Hold the fort ; Casey Jones ; Sit down ; Write me out my union card ; We shall not be moved ; Join the union ; Solidarity forever (Manhattan Chorus)
Disc two, Theatre and cabaret performers, 1936-1941. The strange funeral in Braddock (Mordecai Baumann & Elie Siegmeister) ; Abraham Lincoln (parts 1 & 2) ; Joe Hill (Earl Robinson) ; Spring song (Paul Robeson) ; The Old Chisholm Trail (Tony Kraber) ; Old paint (The horse with the union label) ; Capitalistic boss (parts 1 & 2) (Saul Aarons) ; Little theatre on the right ; Little theatre on the left (Harrison Dowd) ; Nine foot shovel ; Chain gang boun' ; Trouble ; Goin' home boys ; Cryin' who? Cryin' you! (parts 1 & 2) ; Told my captain ; Jerry ; Southern exposure ; Uncle Sam says ; Jim Crow train ; Bad housing blues ; Defense factory blues (Josh White)
Disc three, The Almanac Singers, March 1941-July 1941. The strange death of John Doe ; Billy boy ; "C" for conscription ; Washington breakdown ; Lisa Jane ; Ballad of October 16th ; Plow under ; Talking union ; Union train ; Which side are you on? ; Get thee behind me, Satan ; Union maid ; All I want ; Songs for bridges (Almanac Singers) ; Babe o' mine (Woody Guthrie) ; Blow ye winds, heigh ho ; Haul away, Joe ; Blow the man down ; The Golden Vanity ; Away, Rio ; The coast of High Barbary ; Greenland fishing ; The dodger song ; Ground hog ; State of Arkansas ; Hard, ain't it hard ; I ride an old paint ; House of the rising sun ; The weaver's song (Almanac Singers)
Disc four, Fighting the fascists, 1942-1944. Dear Mr. President ; Belt line girl ; Round, round Hitler's grave ; Side by side ; Deliver the goods ; Reuben James ; Boomtown Bill ; Keep that oil a-rollin' (Almanac Singers) ; I'm looking for a home (Housing song) ; Amsterdam maid ; Song of the free ; In Washington ; Overtime pay (Priority Ramblers) ; Quinte brigada (Pete Seeger, Tom Glazer, Baldwin Hawes, Bess Lomax) ; Jarama Valley (Glazer, Hawes, Lomax) ; Spanish marching song ; Cook house ; The young man from Alcala ; Quinte regimento ; Quarter master song (Seeger, Glazer, Hawes, Lomax) ; Little man on a fence (Josh White & the Boys (Union Boys)) ; Jim Crow ; You better get ready ; Hold the fort ; We shall not be moved ; U.A.W.-C.I.O. ; Hold on (Union Boys) ; Solidarity forever (Burl Ives & the Boys (Union Boys)) ; A dollar ain't a dollar anymore (the Union Boys)
Disc five, World War II and the folk revival. Horace Greeley ; Kevin Barry ; The house I live in ; A man's a man for a' that ; Drill ye tarriers drill ; The frozen logger ; Jefferson and liberty ; Sweet Betsy from Pike ; Dirty miner ; Grand Coulee Dam (Earl Robinson) ; Free and equal blues (parts 1 & 2) (Earl Robinson & Dooley Wilson) ; The century of the common man (Sir Lancelot) ; I'm a native American Nazi ; Join the U.A.W.-C.I.O. ; Keeping score for '44 ; The U.A.W. train ; Susan's in the union ; The rollback blues ; Mama don't allow (Vern Partlow) ; Farmer-labor train ; So long, it's been good to know you ; Talking sailor ; Sally, don't you grieve (Woody Guthrie) ; Citizen C.I.O. (Tom Glazer & Josh White) ; No more blues (Josh White) ; We've got a plan ; Social worker's talking blues ; I'm gonna put my name down (Tom Glazer) ; Freedom road (Josh White)
Disc six, The People's Songs era, 1945-1949. Landlord ; Johnny has gone for a soldier ; Beloved comrade ; The man who couldn't walk around ; I'm the guy ; Little man sitting on a fence (Josh White) ; When the country is broke ; Money in the pocket ; Our fight is yours (Tom Glazer) ; Moses Green ; The Rankin tree ; Talking Bilbo ; This old world (Lee Hays) ; No. 1 stooge (Bob Claiborne) ; Song of my hands (Bernie Asbel) ; Mad as I can be (Bernie Asbel & Pete Seeger) ; Jackie Robinson (Lord Invader) ; High price blues ; Black, brown & white (Brownie McGhee) ; Nix on Mundt ; Nixon (Anna Beyer) ; The daily worker's song (George Levine (?)) ; Taft-Hartley blues (unidentified vocalist) ; Parnell Thomas blues (Sis Cunningham) ; Turn me loose (Malvina Reynolds & Bill Oliver) ; Snowball ; Swingin' on a scab (the Berries) ; On to Sacramento (Mario Casetta) ; Atomic talking blues ; Newspapermen meet such interesting people (Vern Partlow) ; Passing through (Dick Blakeslee)
Disc seven, Pete Seeger, 1946-1948. Listen Mr. Bilbo ; Joe Hill (Pete Seeger, Butch Hawes, Lee Hays, Hally Wood, Lou Kleinman) ; O.P.A shout (Pete Seeger & Bob Claiborne) ; Voting union ; Get out to vote ; A dollar ain't a dollar anymore ; A dollar for P.A.C. ; Oh, what Congress done to me ; Four P.A.C. nursery rhymes ; D.D.T. ; Fare ye well, bad congressman ; No, no, no discrimination ; Voter, oh voter (Pete Seeger, Tom Glazer, Butch Hays, Hally Wood) ; Intro ; Commonwealth of toil ; We've got our eyes on you ; Talking union ; The preacher and the slave ; Which side are you on? ; Solidarity forever ; The whole wide world around ; Hold the fort ; conclusion (Pete Seeger, Tom Glazer, Hally Wood, Ronnie Gilbert) ; Talking P.A.C. ; Conversation with a mule ; The farmer is the man ; Join the farmer's union ; Talking atom ; Newspapermen meet such interesting people ; Skillet good and greasy ; T for Texas ; Cumberland Mountain bear chase (Pete Seeger)
Disc eight, Charter Records, 1946-1949. Walk in peace (part 1) ; Walk in peace (part 2) ; Atomic energy ; Old lady with a rolling pin (Sir Lancelot) ; Red boogie ; Unity rhumba ; Elephant and the ass ; Hungry rhapsody ; Housing (Goodson & Vale) ; Ballad of F.D.R. ; Jim Crow (People's Songs Chorus) ; Mein shtetele belz (the Berries) ; Zhonkoye (the Berries & Pete Seeger) ; Travelin' ; Black, brown & white blues ; The death of Harry Simms ; Winnsboro Cotton Mill blues ; No Irish need apply (Pete Seeger) ; Unemployment compensation blues (Boots (Mario Casetta)) ; The fireship ; Johnny, I hardly knew you (Betty Sanders) ; The Peekskill story (incl. Hold the line), parts 1 & 2) (the Weavers & Howard Fast) ; Wasn't that a time ; Dig my grave ; Freight train blues ; Love song blues ; The hammer song (the Weavers)
Disc nine, Campaign songs, 1944-1949. We're keeping score in '44 (Earl Robinson) ; No more blues (Josh White) ; Lay that ballot down (parts 1 & 2) (Bill Oliver) ; The fertilizer song ; Talking F.T.A. ; Kiss the boys goodbye ; Round and round the canneries ; My name is Cannery Bill (Vern Partlow) ; The bosses' gang (Mara Alexander & others) ; Bye, bye bosses (Mara Alexander) ; The new walls of Jericho (Wallace fit the battle of America) (Richard Huey & chorus) ; Henry Wallace is the man (Royal Harmonaires) ; A corrido to Wallace and Taylor ; Second corrido to Wallace and Taylor (Abigail Alvarez) ; The battle hymn of '48 (Paul Robeson) ; The same old merry-go-round ; I've got a ballot ; Great day (Michael Loring) ; Wallace button ; Goodbye, Harry (George Levine) ; Henry Wallace (Sis Cunningham) ; We can win with Wallace (Bill Oliver) ; Work with Wallace (Malvina Reynolds) ; The century of the common man ; Wallace is the man for me (Sir Lancelot) ; Yankee Doodle, tell the boss (Michael Loring & Alan Lomax) ; Intro ; New York City (Weavers) ; Marcantonio for me (Fred Hellerman) ; Skip to the polls (Weavers & Hope Foye) ; Marcantonio for mayor (Fred Hellerman) ; Now, right now (Laura Duncan) ; We shall not be moved (the Weavers) ; Oh, freedom (Hope Foye & Pete Seeger) ; Ben Davis (Pete Seeger) ; M.T.A. (unidentified vocalist) ; The people's choice (unidentified) ; Keep a-goin' and a-growin' (Fred Hellerman)
Disc ten, An era closes, 1949-1953. The riddle of Thurman Towns (DeCormier & Bernardi & Booth) ; Grapes to pick (Gerald Gallant) ; Medley: I don't want to get adjusted ; Stand up and be counted ; We will overcome ; The Progressive Party is here to stay (Fred Hellerman) ; Pity the downtrodden landlord (Bob Hill (Fred Hellerman)) ; The hammer song ; Banks of marble (the Weavers) ; Spring song (Ernie Lieberman and Hope Foye) ; Songs [i.e. Song] of my hands ; My old man ; I'm on my way (Ernie Lieberman) ; In contempt ; Die gedanken sind frei ; Walk along together ; Put my name down ; Hold on (Lieberman & Duncan & Smith & Sanders) ; Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel (Osborne Smith) ; I've got a right (Laura Duncan) ; We shall overcome (Jewish Young Folksingers) ; Talking un-American blues (Betty Sanders) ; Old Bolshevik song ; The cloakmaker's union ; Land of The daily worker ; Our line's been changed again ; In Old Moscow ; Unite for unity ; Bill Bailey ; The last Internationale (Joe Glazer & Bill Friedland) ; The giveaway boys in Washington ; Joe McCarthy's band (Joe Glazer) ; I've got to know ; This land is your land (Woody Guthrie).

Additional Information
Subjects Topical songs.
Protest songs -- United States.
Political ballads and songs -- United States.
Radicalism -- Songs and music.
Working class -- United States -- Songs and music.
Folk music -- United States.
Anti-fascist movements -- United States -- Songs and music.
World War, 1939-1945 -- United States -- Songs and music.
Blues (Music) -- 1941-1950.
Campaign songs -- United States.
Publisher Hambergen, Germany :Bear Family Records,1996
Other Titles Folkmusic, topical songs, and the American left, 1926-1953
Folk music, topical songs and the American left, 1926-1953
Contributors Cohen, Ronald D., 1940-2022 writer of accompanying material.
Samuelson, Dave, writer of accompanying material.
Sandburg, Carl, 1878-1967, performer.
Allison, John, 1893- performer.
Seeger, Charles, 1886-1979, performer.
Seeger, Ruth Crawford, 1901-1953, performer.
Jackson, Aunt Molly, performer.
Gunning, Sarah Ogan, 1910-1983, performer.
Cadle, Tillman, 1902-1994, performer.
Handcox, John L., 1904-1992, performer.
Miller, Bob, 1895-1955, performer.
Bauman, Mordecai, performer.
Siegmeister, Elie, 1909-1991, performer.
Robinson, Earl, 1910-1991, performer.
Robeson, Paul, 1898-1976, performer.
Kraber, Tony, performer.
Aarons, Saul, performer.
Dowd, Harrison, 1897-1964, performer.
White, Josh, performer.
Guthrie, Woody, 1912-1967, performer.
Seeger, Pete, 1919-2014, performer.
Glazer, Tom, performer.
Hawes, Butch, 1919-1971, performer.
Hawes, Bess Lomax, 1921-2009, performer.
Ives, Burl, 1909-1995, performer.
Wilson, Dooley, 1894-1953, performer.
Lancelot, Sir, performer.
Partlow, Vern, 1910-1981, performer.
Hays, Lee, 1914-1981, performer.
Claiborne, Bob, performer.
Asbell, Bernard, performer.
Lord Invader, 1914-1961, performer.
McGhee, Brownie, 1915-1996, performer.
Beyer, Anna, performer.
Levine, George, performer.
Cunningham, Sis, 1909-2004, performer.
Reynolds, Malvina, performer.
Oliver, Bill, 1890-1965, performer.
Casetta, Mario, 1920-1996, performer.
Blakeslee, Dick, performer.
Wood, Hally, performer.
Kleinman, Lou, performer.
Gilbert, Ronnie, performer.
Sanders, Betty, performer.
Fast, Howard, 1914-2003, narrator.
Alexander, Mara, performer.
Huey, Richard, -1948, performer.
Alvarez, Abigail, performer.
Loring, Michael, 1908-1993, performer.
Lomax, Alan, 1915-2002, performer.
Hellerman, Fred, 1927-2016 performer.
Foye, Hope, performer.
Duncan, Laura, performer.
De Cormier, Robert, performer.
Bernardi, Herschel, performer.
Booth, Alan, 1924-1996, performer.
Gallant, Gerald, performer.
Lieberman, Ernie, 1930- performer.
Smith, Osborne, performer.
Glazer, Joe, performer.
Friedland, William H., performer.
New Singers, performer.
Manhattan Chorus (1937), performer.
Almanac Singers, performer.
Priority Ramblers, performer.
Union Boys, performer.
Berries (Musical group), performer.
People's Songs (Organization)
Goodson and Vale, performer.
People's Songs (Organization). Chorus, performer.
Weavers (Musical group), performer.
Royal Harmonaires, performer.
Jewish Young Folk-Singers, performer.
Participants/Performers Various performers.
Language English
Notes Compact discs; in box (32 cm.).
Book comprises lyrics, program notes, bibliography, and discographies, by Ronald D. Cohen and Dave Samuelson.
Description 10 audio discs : digital ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 book (212 pages : illustrations ; 31 cm)
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