The Milliner-Koken collection of American fiddle tunes

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A & F reel
Abe's retreat
Acorn stomp
Adrian's hornpipe
Ain't got no honey babe now
Alabama gals
Alexander waltz
All gone now
All night long blues
All young
And the cat came back
Angelina Baker
Ann's hornpipe
Apple blossom [3 versions]
Apple jack
Arkansas hoosier
Arkansas stomp
Arkansas traveler [2 versions]
Arkansas two-step
As time draws near
Avalon quick step
Bachelors' hall
Back up and push
Back-step Cindy [2 versions]
Bacon rind [2 versions]
Bad liquor
Bailey waltz
Baker's breakdown
Banjo tramp
Bankhead blues
The banks of the Arkansas
Barbara's fancy
Barlow knife
Barrow County stomp
Batchelor's hall
Bath house blues
Bear Creek's up
Beaux of Oak Hill
Bed bug blues
Been to the east, been to the west
Belle of Lexington
Betty Baker [2 versions]
Betty Likens
Betty Martin
B-flat rag
Big eared mule
Big eyed rabbit [2 versions]
Big fancy
Big foot
Big footed man in the sandy lot
Big footed nigger
Big footed nigger in the sandy lot
Big hoedown
Big Indian hornpipe
Big John McNeil
Big Sandy
Big Sandy River
The big Scioty
Big taters in the sandy land
Bile dem cabbage down
Bill Brown
Bill Cheatham [2 versions]
Billie in the lowground
Billy in the corn
Billy in the low ground [6 versions]
Billy in the low land
Billy Wilson [2 versions]
Bitter Creek [2 versions]
Black cat in a briarpatch
Black eyed Susan
Black eyed Susie [4 versions]
Black eyed Suzie
Black Hills waltz
Black Mountain rag [2 versions]
Black mustache
Black River
Blackberry blossom [5 versions]
Blackberry rag
Blackberry waltz
The blackest crow
Blackeyed peas & cornbread
Blackjack Grove
Blind steer in a mudhole
Blue goose
Blue water hornpipe
Bluegrass meadows
Blues in a bottle
Boatin' up sand on the Little Sandy
Boatin' up Sandy [4 versions]
The boatman tune
Boatsman [3 versions]
Bob tailed mule
Bob Walters' hornpipe
Bob Wine's tune
Boil dem cabbage down
Boll weevil
Bonaparte crossing the Rhine
Bonaparte's retreat [5 versions]
Bonnie blue flag
Bound to have a little fun
Bowling Green
Box the fox
Boxy foxy
Boy she's a daisy
Boys my money's all gone
Boys of Blue Hill
Brad Walters
Bravest cowboy
Breakdown in A [2 versions]
Breaking up Christmas
Briarpicker Brown
Brick yard Joe
Broken down gambler
Brown button shoes
Brownlow's dream
Brushy Fork of John's Creek [3 versions]
Brushy Run [2 versions]
Buck Hord
Buckhorn handle & a Barlow blade
Bucking mule
Buffalo gals [2 versions]
Bug in the taters
Bull at the wagon [2 versions]
Bumblebee in a jug
Burke County
Burt Anderson's tune
Bury me not on the lone prairie
Bye bye my honey I'm gone
Cabin Creek [3 versions]
Cacklin' hen [2 versions]
Cacklin' hen and rooster too
Cackling hen
Cairo in the cabbage patch
The Calhoun swing
Calico [2 versions]
Callahan [5 versions]
Camp Chase [2 versions]
Can you dance a tobacco hill
Candy girl
Captain George has your money come?
Carroll County blues
The cat came back
Cat tracks
Cattle in the cane
Cauliflower [2 versions]
Cec McEachern's reel
Charleston no. 1
Charlie's breakdown
Cherokee polka
Cherry River rag
Chicken reel [3 versions]
Chickens don't roost too high
Chillicothe two-step
Chinese breakdown
Chinese rag
Chinquapin hunting
Christmas Eve [3 versions]
Christmas morning
Christmas time in the morning
Cider mill
Cincinnati hornpipe
Cindy [2 versions]
Clay Portelle's tune
Cleveland's march to the White House
Climbing up the golden stairs
Cluck old hen [8 versions]
Cluckin' hen
Clucking piece
Coal Creek
Coal Harbor Bend
Coal mine blues
Cobbler's reel
Coburn Fork of Big Creek
Cold frosty morning
Come back boys and feed the horses
Come back boys and let's feed the horses
Come be my rainbow
Cookhouse Joe
Corn on Tygart
Cornstalk fiddle and a shoestring bow
Cotton baggin'
Cotton bonnet
Cotton eyed Joe [8 versions]
Cousin Sally Brown [2 versions]
Cow hide boots
Cowboy's dream
Crab Orchard hornpipe
Cranberry Rock
Cripple Creek [3 versions]
Crockett's honeymoon
Crooked John
Croquet habits
Crow little rooster
Cruel Willie
Cuckoo's nest [5 versions]
Cumberland blues
Cumberland Gap [5 versions]
Cuttin' at the point
Dan Friend's place
Dan Tucker
Dance all night with a bottle in your hand
Dance around Molly
Dance boatman dance
Dandy Jim
Dandy Lusk's tune
The darker the night the better I can see
The darker the nights
Darkie's delight
Darky's dream [2 versions]
Darling child
Davey come on back and act like you ought to
Dead man
Dead nigger
Deadheads and suckers
Death of Kilroy
Deer walk
The deerwalk
Delaware County blues
Democrats a-rising
Denver belle [2 versions]
The devil eat the groundhog
Devil in the strawstack [2 versions]
Devil in the woodpile
Devilish Mary [2 versions]
Devil's dream
Devil's hornpipe
Dickey's discovery
Did you ever see the devil Uncle Joe [3 versions]
Dog in the straw
Don Tremaine's reel
Done gone
Don't drink nothin' but the corn
Don't you cry my honey
Don't you remember the time
Dora Dean
Double file
Down at the mouth of Old Stinson
Down the road
Drink more cider
Drunkard's hiccoughs
Drunken billy goat
Brunken hiccups [2 versions]
Drunken man's dream
Drunken wagoneer
Dry and dusty [2 versions]
Dry town blues
Duck River
Duck shoes rag
Duck Wooten's high C tune
Duck's eyeball
Ducks on the millpond
Ducks on the pond
Durang's hornpipe [2 versions]
Dusty Miller [6 versions]
East Tennessee blues
Eighth day of January
Eighth of January [7 versions]
Elk River blues
Elzic's farewell
Evening shade
Fair morning hornpipe
Fall on my knees
Falls of Richmond
Farewell whiskey
Feed my horse on corn and hay
Fiddler a dram
Fiddler's blues
Fiddler's dream
Fiddler's hornpipe
Fiddler's reel
Field lark
Fine times at our house [2 versions]
Finley Creek blues
Fire in the mountain
Fire on the mountain [6 versions]
Fish upon a hook
Fisher's hornpipe [2 versions]
Five miles from town
Five miles of Ellum Wood
Five miles out of town
Five miles to town
Flannery's dream
Flatfoot in the ashes
Flatwoods [4 versions]
Flight of the wild geese
Florida blues
Flowers of Edinburgh
Fly around my pretty little miss [2 versions]
Flyin' clouds
Flying Indian
Folding down the sheets
Fontaine's ferry
Forked buck
Forked deer [4 versions]
Forks of Reedy
Forks of Sandy [2 versions]
Fort Smith [2 versions]
Fort Smith breakdown
Fortune [2 versions]
Forty drops
Four cent cotton
Fourteen days in Georgia
Frisky Jim
Froggie went a-courtin'
Frosty morning
The fun's all over [4 versions]
G rag
Gal with the blue dress on [2 versions]
Gallop to Georgia
Galway hornpipe
Garfield march
Garfield's blackberry blossom
Gaspe reel
Gate to go through
George Booker
George Holland's tune
Georgia belle
Georgia camp meeting
Georgia horseshoe
Georgia road
Georgia row
Georgia Wagner
Get no supper here tonight
Get off your money
Get up in the cool
Getting George Bush upstairs
Getting up the stairs
Getting upstairs
Gilda Roy
Gippy get your hair cut
The girl I left behind me
Girl with the blue dress on [2 versions]
Give me a chaw tobacco
Give my dogs away
Give the fiddler a dram [2 versions]
Glen Hayes
Glory in the meetinghouse
Go away Pharoah
Goin' on up to town
Goin' up to Hamburg
Going across the sea [2 versions]
Going back to Kentucky
Going down the river
Going down to Charleston
Going down to Lynchburg Town
Going to jail
Going to town
Going up to Hamburg
Going up to town
Gold rush
Golden chain tree
Golden wedding reel
Gone to the Free State
Gonna go hunting the buffalo
Goodbye my honey I'm gone
Got a little home to go to [2 versions]
Grand hornpipe
Grand picnic
Grand River whiskey
Grandad's favorite
Grandfather's reel
Granny take a look at Uncle Sam
Granny went to meeting
Granny will your dog bite [4 versions]
Granny's old pacing horse
Grasshopper quickstep
Grasshopper sitting on a sweet potato vine
Greasy coat [2 versions]
Greasy string [5 versions]
Great big taters [3 versions]
Great big taters in the sandy land
Greek medley
Green backed dollar bill
Green corn
Green fields of America
Green Mountain
Green Mountain polka
Green River
Green River
Green Valley waltz
Green Willis
Greenback dollar [2 versions]
Greenback dolly-o
Greenfield cotillion
Grey eagle [6 versions]
Grey mule
Grigsby's hornpipe
Ground hog
The growling old man and the cackling old lady
Grub Springs [3 versions]
Hale's rag
Half past four
Hamilton Ironworks
Handsome Julie
Handsome Molly
Hangman's reel
Hannah at the springhouse
Happy hollow
Happy hour breakdown
Harelip Susie
Hawks and eagles
Hawk's got a chicken
He rambled
Head of the creek
Hell among the yearlings [4 versions]
Hell and scissors
Hell up coal holler [2 versions]
Hell's broke loose in Georgia
Henry Richmond
Here comes Jack with a fiddle on his back
The Hickman rag
Hickory Jack
Hickory leaf
High dad in the morning
High up on tug
High yellow
Highlander's farewell
Hobb Dye
Hog eye
Hog skin
The hog went through the fence, yoke and all
Hog-eyed man [3 versions]
Hogs and sheep going to the pasture
Hogs and sheep walking through to the pasture
Hogs in the cornfield
Hog-trough reel
Hollow poplar
Holly Ding
Home brew rag
Home town blues
Honeymoon waltz
Hook and line
Hoosier rabbit
Hop light ladies, the cake's all dough
Hop light lady
Hopping John
The horny ewe
Horse and buggy-o
Horseshoe Bend
House carpenter
How old is you my pretty little miss
Huldy in the sinkhole
Hungry hash house
Hunting the buffalo
I am gonna marry that pretty little girl
I don't love nobody [2 versions]
I love my wife as well as anybody
Icy mountain
I'd rather be an old-time Christian
Ida Red [6 versions]
I'll learn you how to rock Andy
I'm a nice old man
I'm gonna go a-hunting for the buffalo
I'm gonna have my mustache blacked
I'm gonna marry that pretty little girl
Inch along
The Indian and the woodhen
Indian ate the woodchuck [2 versions]
Indian ate the woodpecker
Indian Creek
Indian eat the woodchuck
Indian eat the woodpecker
Indian killed a woodcock
Indian nation [3 versions]
Indian squaw [2 versions]
Indian war whoop
Indiana waltz
The Indians are over the hill [2 versions]
Irish boy
Irish reel
Jack Danielson's reel
Jack of diamonds [4 versions]
Jack Wilson
Jake's got the bellyache
Jan's tune
Jaybird died of the whooping cough
Jaybird in a high oak tree
Jean Carignan's tune
Jeff Sturgeon
Jenny get around
Jenny in the cotton patch
Jenny Lind polka
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Nettles
Jenny on the railroad
Jenny run away in the mud in the night
Jerry and Tom
Jerry Lundy's flatwoods
Jerusalem Ridge
Jim Shank
Jimmie Johnson
Jimmie on the railroad
Jimmy in the swamp
Jimmy Johnson
Joe Whackem
John Brown's dream
John Brown's march
John Henry [3 versions]
John lover is gone
John lover's gone [2 versions]
John Rawl Jamieson
John Riley the shepherd
John Robinson's hornpipe
Johnny come along
Johnny court the widow [2 versions]
Johnny don't come home drunk
Johnny Goodwin
Johnson boys
Johnson gal
Jolly Yankee farmer
Jonah in the windstorm
Josh and I
Josie girl
Judge Parker take these shackles off of me
Julie Ann Johnson
Jump fingers
Jump Jim Crow
June apple
Kaiser waltz
Kansas City rag
Kansas City reel
Kate's got the bellyache
Katy bar the door
Katy did
Katy Hill
Keep the ark a-movin'
Kennedy rag
Kentucky winder
Keys to the kingdom
Kicked up a devil of a row
Kicking mule
Kidd and the bacon
Kilby Jail
Kingdom come
Kiss me quick my papa's a-comin'
Kiss me sweet
Kitchen girl
Kitty puss
Knocking at your door
Knoxville rag [2 versions]
Lacy Brown
Ladies on the steamboat
Ladies' quadrille
Lady Hamilton
Lady of the lake [3 versions]
Lady on the green
Lady's waist ribbon
Lake Erie
Lamplighter's hornpipe
Last days in Georgia
Last gold dollar
Last of Callahan
Last of Harris
Last of Sizemore [3 versions]
The last shot got him
Laughing boy [2 versions]
Lazy farmer boy
Lazy John
Lazy Kate
Leake County blues
Leake County two-step
Leather breeches [3 versions]
Leather britches
Lee County blues
Let me fall
Let's hunt the horses
Liberty [2 versions]
Liberty dance
Liberty off of the corn liquor still
Liquor seller
Little beggarman
Little Betty Brown [2 versions]
- Little black dog came trotting down the road
Little Bobby
Little boy working on the road [2 versions]
Little boy, where'd you get your britches
Little Daisy
Little darling
Little Daze Robertson
Little dog
Little Dutch girl
Little Liza Jane
The little princess footsteps
Little rabbit
Little rabbit where's your mammy [2 versions]
Little Rose [2 versions]
Little whiskey
Little white lies
Liverpool hornpipe
Liza Jane [7 versions]
Loch Lavan Castle
Log chain
The lone pilgrim
Lone prairie
Lonesome blues
Lonesome John
Lonesome road blues
Long eared mule [2 versions]
Long John
Lonnie's breakdown
Lost boy
Lost girl [3 versions]
Lost goose [2 versions]
Lost hornpipe
Lost Indian [3 versions]
Lost John
Louisiana hornpipe
Love somebody
Lower edge of Breathitt
Lowry's (or Lowery's) quadrille
Lynchburg Town
The Mackilmoyle
Maggie Meade
Magnolia one-step
Maid of Monterey
Man of constant sorrow
Martha Campbell
Mary Marshall
Massa Bill
Maxey's waltz
Meet her when the sun goes down
Meg Gray
Merry girl
Midnight [2 versions]
Midnight on the water
Midnight ride
Mike in the wilderness
Miller's reel
Milwaukee blues
Mineola rag
Minnie put your kettle on
Miss McLeod's reel
Miss Sally at the party
Mississippi breakdown
Mississippi echoes
Mississippi sawyer [2 versions]
Mississippi snag
Mississippi square dance part 2
Molly put the kettle on [5 versions]
Monday's waltz
Money in both pockets
Money musk [2 versions]
Monkey in the dogcart
The moon behind the hill
Moonlight [2 versions]
Morgan on the railroad
Morning flower
Morpeth rant
Mother Flanagan
Mountain hornpipe
Mountaineer's love song
Mouth of Old Stinson
Mouth of the Tobique
Mud fence [2 versions]
Muddy creek
Muddy road to Texas
Muddy roads
My baby loves shortnin' bread
My own house waltz
My wife died Saturday night
Nancy Blevins
Nancy Dalton
Nancy Dawson [2 versions]
Nancy Rollin
Nancy Rowland
Natural Bridge blues
Negro suppertime
New born blues
New castle
New five cents
New Jordan
Nig inch along
Nigger's wedding
Nine miles out of Louisville
Ninth of January
No corn on Tygart [3 versions]
North Carolina breakdown
Nubbin Ridge
Number nine
Oh yes, mammy, look at Sam
Oklahoma rooster
Ol' Bob
Old 97
Old Abbott
The old ark's a-movin'
Old Aunt Adkins
Old Aunt Dinah
Old Aunt Jenny with her nightcap on
Old Baldy kickin' up
Old beech leaves
Old belle ewe & little speckled wether
Old Billy Hell
Old blind dog
Old blind sow she stole the middlins
Old blue bonnett
Old Bob
Old bunch of keys
Old Burke County
Old buzzard [2 versions]
Old Christmas [2 versions]
Old Christmas morning
Old cotton eyed Joe
Old Dan Tucker [3 versions]
Old Drake
Old Flannigan
Old folks get in bed
Old folks played and the young people danced
Old Granny Blair
Old Granny Flanagan
Old Granny Greybeard a-going to the barber
Old Granny Rattletrap
Old gray mare
Old greasy coat
Old hen cackled
The old hen she cackled
Old Jake Gillie
Old Joe [2 versions]
Old Joe Bone
Old Joe Clark [3 versions]
Old Joe Williams
Old Joe's wedding
Old Liza Jane
The old man and the old woman
Old Melinda
Old Molly Hare [2 versions]
Old Mother Flanagan
Old Mother McCarthy
Old reunion
Old Richmond
The old rusty mill
Old sage fields [2 versions]
Old Seth
Old Sledge [2 versions]
Old sport
The old stillhouse
Old time Billy in the lowground
Old time blackberry blossom
Old time Cinda
Old time fire on the mountain
Old time Sally Goodin
Old Tobacco Hill
Old true lovers well met
Old Virginia reel
Old voile
Old Wylie
Ommie Wise
On Christmas Eve
On the banks of the old Tennessee
One more river to cross [2 versions]
Over the mountain
Over the waterfall
The owl hoot
Oyster River quadrille
Ozark Mountain waltz
Ozark waltz
Paddy on the hand car
Paddy on the pike
Paddy on the railroad
Paddy on the turnpike [3 versions]
Paddy won't you drink some
Pat him on the back
Patty on the turnpike
Patty-o will catch you
Peacock rag
Peas in the pot
Peeler Creek waltz
Peggin' awl
Peter Francisco
Pick a little cotton & spin some too
Pig ankle rag [2 versions]
Pigeon on the gate
Pike's Peak
Pinedale waltz
Piney ridge
Piney woods
Piney woods girl
Plank road
Pleasure of a single life
Plow boy hop
Po' black sheep
Polly Ann
Polly Grand
Polly put the kettle on [5 versions]
Poor little Johnny's gone to the war
Poor little Mary sitting in the corner
Poplar Bluff
Portsmouth airs
Possum on the rail
Possum trot
Possum up a gum stump
Possum up a simmon tree
Prettiest girl I ever saw was Susan Loller on Judio
Prettiest girl in the county-o
Prettiest little girl in the county
Pretty Betty Martin
Pretty little cat
Pretty little dog
Pretty little girl [2 versions]
Pretty little Indian
Pretty little miss
Pretty little shoes
Pretty little widow [2 versions]
Pretty Polly
Pumpkin vine
Puncheon camps
Puncheon floor [2 versions]
Queen of the earth and child of the skies
Quince Dillion's high D tune
Quit that ticklin' me
Rabbit in the pea patch
Rabbit up the gum stump
Rabbit where's your mama?
Rabbit where's your mammy [2 versions]
Raccoon on a rail
Raccoon tail with the rings all around
The rags
Ragtime Annie
Railroad runs through Georgia
Railroad through the Rocky Mountains
Rainbow 1907
The rainy day
Raise big taters in sandy land
Raleigh and Spencer
Rally round the flag
Rat cheese under the hill
Rat in the meal barrel
Rat's gone to rest
Rattler treed a possum
Rattlesnake bit the baby
Rebel raid [2 versions]
The rebels' raid
Red apple rag [4 versions]
Red fox
Red haired boy
The red headed Irishman
The red hills
Red lick
Red steer
Red wing
Reel in A
Reuben's train
Rich man stole the poor man's wife
Richmond [3 versions]
Richmond blues
Richmond cotillion
Rickett's hornpipe [3 versions]
Ride old Buck to water
Riley the furniture man
Rio Grande
River stay away from my door
Road to Westfield
Roaring river
Robert's serenade
Robertson County
Robinson County [2 versions]
Rochester schottische
Rock all the babies to sleep
Rock Andy
Rock that cradle Lucy
Rock the cradle Joe
Rockingham Cindy [3 versions]
Rocky mountain
Rocky Mountain goat [2 versions]
Rocky pallet
Rocky road to Dublin [4 versions]
Roll 'em on the ground
Rolling river
The Roosian rabbit
Root hog or die
Roscoe Parish's waltz
Rose in the mountain [2 versions]
Rose in the morning
Round town girls
The route
Roving cowboy
Ruben's Ridge
Rufus Rastus
Rugged road
Run boy run [3 versions]
Run Johnny run
Run nigger run
Run rabbit run
Russian rabbit
The rusty gun
Rye straw [4 versions]
Rye whiskey
Rymer's favorite
Saddle Old Kate
Saddle up the gray
Sail away Huldy
Sail away ladies [7 versions]
Sailing over England
Sailor's hornpipe
Saint Anne's reel
Sal, let me chaw your rosin
Salimony (or Salamonie) waltz
Sallie Cooper
Sallie's got mud between her toes
Sally Ann [3 versions]
Sally Ann Johnson [2 versions]
Sally Ann, the gal I like
Sally comin' through the rye
Sally Gooden
Sally Goodin [3 versions]
Sally in the garden [3 versions]
Sally Johnson [2 versions]
Sally will you marry me
Sal's gone to the cider mill
Salt River [3 versions]
Salty River reel
Same time today as it was yesterday
Sand Mountain drag
Sand riffle
Sandy boys
Sandy River [2 versions]
Sandy River belle
Santa Anna's retreat
Saturday night breakdown
Say darlin' say
Say old man can you play the fiddle?
Scott no. 1
Scott's no. 2
Scott's return
Searcy County rag
Seneca square dance
Seven and a half
Shady grove [3 versions]
Shady lane
Shag poke
Shaking off the acorns
Shamrock shoddy
Shanghai rooster
Sharp's hornpipe
Sheep and hogs going to the pasture
Sheep and hogs walking through the pasture
Sheep shell corn by the rattling of his horn
Sheep's in the meadow
Shelvin' Rock [4 versions)
Shelving Rock
Sherman's retreat
Ship in the clouds [2 versions]
Shippensport [2 versions]
Shipping port
Shoe heels crackin' on the floor
Shoo! fly
Shoot that turkey buzzard
Shootin' Creek
Shortenin bread, my baby loves
Shortnin' bread
Short's addition
Shout Lulu
Shove that pigsfoot a little further into the fire
Silly Bill
Silver Lake
Silver strands
Simpson County [2 versions]
Singing birds
Single-footing horse
Sixteen days in Georgia
Skin town
Skunk in the collard patch
Sleeping Lula
Sleeping Lulu
Sleepy eyed Joe
Sleepy Lou [2 versions]
Slidin' Jenny
Smokey hornpipe
Smoky row
Snowbird in the ashbank [3 versions]
Soap in the washpan
Soapsuds over the fence [2 versions]
Solly's little favorite
Sopping the gravy
Souris Lighthouse
Sourwood Mountain [3 versions]
Speed of the plow
Spped the plow
Spotted pony
The spring's all muddy & the pond's all dry
Squalling cats
Starvation on Hell Creek
Stay all night
Step around Johnny
Step back Cindy
Stepping in the parlor
Stillhouse Branch
Stone rag
Stonewall Jackson
Stoney Fork
Stranger on a mule
Stuart's long bow [2 versions]
Sugar Hill
Sugar in the coffee
Sugar in the gourd [8 versions]
Sugar reel
Sugar tree stomp
Sullivan's Hollow
Sunny home in Dixie
Susan Loller on Judio
Susanna gal
Susannah gal
Swamp cat rag
Sweet 'Bama
Sweet Bundy
Sweet little Julie
Sweet Marie
Sweet milk & peaches
Sweet sixteen
Sweet sunny South
Sweet Susan
Sweets O'Weaver
Swing lady home
Swing nine yards of calico
Take a drink on me
Take me back to Georgia
Talk to Dinah
Tater patch
Taylor's quickstep
Tell her to come back home
Temperance reel
Tennessee breakdown
Tennessee girls
Tennessee mountain fox chase
Tennessee wagoner
Texas barb wire
Texas fair
Texas gals
Texas quickstep
Texas ranger [2 versions]
Texas wagoner
That's Earl
That's my rabbit, my dog caught it
There's a brown skin girl down the road somewhere
There's no hell in Georgia
The third of July
Three forks of Cheat
Three forks of Reedy
Three forks of Sandy
Three in one two-step
Three thin dimes
Three way hornpipe
The threshing tune
Throw the old cow over the fence
Tie hacker tune no. 1
Tie your dog, Sally gal
Tilden to the White House
Tishomingo County blues
Tom and Jerry
Tom Wagner
Tommy Love
Too young to marry
Train no. 45
Train on the island
Trouble among the yearlings
Trouble on my mind
The troubled soldier
Trude Evans
Tucker's barn
Tugboat [2 versions]
Tupelo blues
Turkey buzzard
Turkey in the pea patch
Turkey in the straw
Turkey Knob
Twenty-eighth of January
Twinkle little star
Twinkle twinkle little star
Two little Indians and one old squaw
Two white nickels
Uncle Charlie's breakdown
Uncle Dink
Uncle George Hammond's tune
Uncle Henry
Uncle Mitt
Uncle Noie (Noah) Jamison
Untitled tune, Bingham
Untitled tune, Greene
Untitled tune, Parish
Untitled tune, Politte #1
Untitled tune, Politte #2
Untitled tune, Politte #3
Untitled tune, Politte #4
Untitled tune, Reed #1
Untitled tune, Reed #2
Untitled tune, Reed #3
Untitled tune, Reed #4
Up jumped trouble
Upper Lehigh
Valley Forge
Vance no more
Virginia reel
Wabash (hornpipe)
Wabash foxtrot
Wagoner one-step
The wagoner's lad
Waiting for the boatsman
Waiting for the federals
Wake Robin, or The nightingale
Wake up Susan [2 versions]
Walburn stomp
Waldorf reel
Walk along John [2 versions]
Walk along John to Kansas
Walk along Johnny
Walk chalk chicken
Walking in my sleep
Walking in the parlor [3 versions]
Walking that pretty girl home
Walnut Gap
Waltz in G
The wandering boy
Warfield [2 versions]
Warring cats
Washington Courthouse
Washington quadrille
Washington's march
Waves on the ocean
Way down in North Carolina
Way down the old plank road
Ways of the world [2 versions]
Weddington's reel
Wednesday night waltz
Weevily wheat
We'll all go to heaven when the devil goes blind
We'll rally round the flag
Wes Muir's tune
West Fork girls [2 versions]
West Virginia gals
West Virginia special
When sorrows encompass me round
Whip the devil around the stump
Whistling Rufus
White Creek
White River
White River bottoms
Whitesburg of old Kentucky
Who broke the lock?
Whoa mule [2 versions]
Whole bunch of keys
Who's been here since I've been gone [2 versions]
Who's going to talk to Dinah
Widow Haley
Wild goose chase [4 versions]
Wild hog in the woods [2 versions]
Wild horse [2 versions]
Wild horse in the canebrake
Wild John
Wild rose of the mountain
Wilfred Guillette's favorite reel aka Cobbler's reel
Will the circle be unbroken
Willow Creek
Wilson's clog
Wimbush rag
Wine's delight
Wink the other eye
Winnipeg reel
Wish I had my time again
Wish I had stayed in the wagon yard
Wolf Creek
Wolves a-howlin' [2 versions]
Wolves a-howling
Wolves howling
Woodchopper's breakdown
Wounded Hoosier, or The blackbird
Wrassled with a wildcat
Wreck of the Old '97
Yearlings in the canebrake
Yellow barber
Yellow cat [2 versions]
Yellow gals
Yellow rose of Texas
Yes, my buddy, I'm a-getting right there
Yew Pine Mountains
Yew Piney Mountain [2 versions]
You married my daughter, and yet you didn't
Young Edward
The young man who wouldn't hoe his corn.

Additional Information
Subjects Fiddle tunes -- United States.
Old-time music.
Fiddlers -- United States -- Biography.
Publisher Kennet Square, PA :Mudthumper Music,2011
Other Titles American fiddle tunes
Contributors Milliner, Clare.
Koken, Walt.
Language English
Notes "This collection represents a part of the large body of fiddle tunes currently being played in the community of old time musicians in the United States and around the globe. It includes tunes from California to Nova Scotia, Washington State to Florida, but it is drawn predominantly from the tunes of Appalachia"--Introduction.
"Artists' profiles": p. 750-783.
Includes indexes.
Description x pages, 874 pages of music ; 33 cm
ISBN 9780983100300
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