Revolutionary wealth

by Toffler, Alvin.

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Social analysts Alvin and Heidi Toffler turn their attention to the revolution in wealth now sweeping the planet. This book is about how tomorrow's wealth will be created, and who will get it and how. But 21st-century wealth, they argue, is not just about money, and cannot be understood in terms of industrial-age economics. They write about everything from education and child rearing to Hollywood and China, from everyday truth and misconceptions to what they call our "third job"--the unnoticed work we do without pay for some of the biggest corporations. In earlier work, they coined the word "prosumer" for people who consume what they themselves produce. Here they expand the concept to reveal how many of our activities--parenting, volunteering, blogging, painting our house, improving our diet, organizing a neighborhood council--pump "free lunch" from the "hidden" non-money economy into the money economy that economists track.--From publisher description.
pt. 1. Revolution
1. Spearheading wealth
Fad of the month
Loosened constraints
Guitars and anti-heroes
Giggle news
Embedding intelligence
Capital tools for knowledge
The wilder shores
Converging possibilities
2. The child of desire
The meaning of wealth
Managers of desire
pt. 2. Deep fundamentals
3. Waves of wealth
The pre-historic Einstein
The man who ate himself
Beyond fantasy
Today's wealth wave
Three lives, three worlds
4. Deep fundamentals
The inerrantists
Obsolete fundamentals
The future of the job
pt. 3. Rearranging time
5. The clash of speeds
Trains on time?
Ready with the radar
Leaders and laggards
When elephants stand pat
Inertia vs. hyperspeed
6. The synchronization industry
Dancing toward productivity
No more cold eggs
No last-minute scramble
7. The arrhythmic economy
The ecology of time
Casualties of time
Post-merger blues
The time tax
The technology ballet
Supper without sushi
8. The new timescape
The chains of time
Love at high speed
Customizing time
When good ideas arrive
Media time
Family, friends and face time
The Americanization of time?
The 24/7 future
Whizzing toward where?
pt. 4. Stretching space
9. The great circle
Asia, ho!
Opening the floodgates
10. Higher-value-added places
Yesterday's places
Dissolving borders
The cheap-labor derby
Tomorrow's real estate
11. Spatial reach
Personal geography
Mobile money
Invaders and invaded
12. An unready world
More capitalist than thou
The Evian and ketchup test
Yellow dust
True believers
13. Thrust reversers
The new Titanic
Export overload
The nano-teaspoon
Mad Max scenarios
14. The space drive
From dialysis to heart pumps
Pilots, planes and packages
Unexplored wealth frontiers
pt. 5. Trusting knowledge
15. The edge of knowledge
Kicking tires
16. Tomorrow's "oil"
The more we use...?
Steel mills and shoes
Our inner "warehouse"
Just ASK
Forget Alzheimer's
17. The obsoledge trap
Yesterday's truths
Emily's attic
18. The Quesnay factor
Blooper economics
Estimates of estimates
Piecemeal papers
The missing framework
The mistress's doctor
19. Filtering truth
Truth on trial
Six filters
Truth shifts
20. Trashing the lab
Razor blades and rights
Flip-flop politics
Patriarchy and palmistry
Las Vegas as role model
The eco-missionaries
Secret science
21. The truth managers
Persuading the boss
22. Coda : convergence
Tortoise time
Once-true analogies
Mapping the knowable
pt. 6. Prosuming
23. The hidden half
The prosumer economy
A mum in a million
The potty test
What price disintegration?
Grossly distorted product (GDP)
24. The health prosumers
Betting on one hundred?
The panic zone
Besieged by breakthroughs
The diabetes game
25. Our third job
Beyond the buffet
The supermarket shove
26. The coming prosumer explosion
Guitars and golf bags
Rampant consumerism?
Cookies and simulations
Dwarfing Hollywood
Collective prosuming
Busting the hierarchies
27. More "free lunch"
Teachers, nurses and horses
Amateurs matter
Uncooking the books
Attacking anthrax
28. The music storm
Estonian geeks
Prosumer power
Baby prosumers
Liposuction without surgery
29. The "productivity" hormone
Beyond education
Rajender's game
30. Coda : invisible channels
The prosumer impact
Unnoticed therapy
pt. 7. Decadence
31. The gospel of change
The third source
Teen trash
Paul's story
Hollywood hedonism
One step in the river
32. Implosion
Pandemic loneliness
Post-kindergarten factories
Creative accounting
Intensive care
The golden years
Politics of the surreal
Systemic breakdown
An epidemic of failure
Stars on strike
33. Corroding the wires
FBI time
Global space
An overload of obsoledge
34. Complexorama
What Bill Gates knows
12,203 problems
35. The Sepulveda solution
Every American woman
Fake transformation
Shifting chairs
Cameras and cops
Creating new institutions
Innovations that breed innovations
Inventing the think tank
36. Coda : after decadence
The values of war
Extreme extremes
Mingling with moguls
Inventing new models
"Satanic mills"
pt. 8. Capitalism's future
37. Capitalism's end game
Cars and cameras
The untouchables
The fetish of touch
The horse and the song
38. Converting capital
Ranges of risk
Democratic doorways
Growth in econo-land
Flattening the down
39. Impossible markets
Rare money
Mass + Mass = Mass+
Personal pricing
Approaching the limits?
Whispered secrets
The virtual twin
40. Running tomorrow's money
The hidden tax
Blips on chips
The closing bell
Wildcat currency
The anti-obesity card
Streaming money
Pepsi vodka
Prosumer pay?
pt. 9. Poverty
41. The old future of poverty
Hitting the limit
A poverty of strategies
Typical Japanese "muck"
The spillover effect
Asia can't wait
42. Twin tracks to tomorrow
India awakened
Bangalore central
The greatest generation?
- Yes, but no
43. Cracking poverty's core
Instead of trial and error
Bring on the bananas
Help from the heavens
Secret prices
The smartest agronomist
Smart dust
Bill Gates's echo
What worked best won't
Distributing energy
pt. 10. The new tectonics
44. China's next surprise?
Looming over the world
Accelerating acceleration
Global space
Mining knowledge
Wave politics
Three Chinas
Mercedes, mall and militia
Wave war
The bloody thread
Meet Mao II
45. Japan's next bamboo ring
Latte, anyone?
Japan's lopsided leap
Decision delay
No more Christmas cakes
The silver wave
A Filipina or a robot?
Awaiting the ring
46. Europe's lost message
The all-time low
The widening split
Speeding in slow motion
Yesterday's heartland
The Lisbon dream
47. Inside America
More wave warfare
24 billion hours
Stealing the future
The nameless coalition
Forces for change
The next step
48. Outside America
The old game
An "unsordid act"
Backlash and bewilderment
Reversing homogeneity
49. The unseen game of games
No longer human?
Tomorrow's NGOs
God on the move
The end of petro-power
Utopia past
The fragility of power
The nano-now
50. Epilogue : The prologue is past
The nostalgia brigade
A prosumer pathway?
Moon power
Hope for the human race?
From picos to yoctos

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