50 popular beliefs that people think are true

by Harrison, Guy P.

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Stressing the excitement of scientific discovery and the legitimate mysteries and wonder inherent in reality, Harrison invites readers to share the joys of rational thinking and the skeptical approach to evaluating our extraordinary world.
; "Magic is real and witches are dangerous."
Weird places. "Atlantis is down there somewhere." ; "I'm going to heaven when I die." ; "Something very strange is going on in the Bermuda Triangle." ; "Area 51 is where they keep the aliens."
Dreaming of the end. "The Mayans warned us : it's all over on December 21, 2012." ; "The end is near!" ; "We're all gonna die!"
Farewell and good luck. Magical thinking. "I believe in the paranormal and the supernatural." ; "I know there is an afterlife because of all the near-death experiences." ; "A psychic read my mind." ; "You're either born smart or you're not." ; "The Bible code reveals the future." ; "Stories of past lives prove reincarnation is real." ; "ESP is the real deal." ; "Nostradamus saw it all coming." ; "I believe in miracles."
Out there. "NASA faked the moon landings." ; "Ancient astronauts were here." ; "UFOs are visitors from other worlds." ; "A flying saucer crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 and the government knows all about it." ; "Aliens have visited earth and abducted many people." ; "Astrology is scientific."
Science and reason. "All scientists are geniuses and science is always right." ; "The Holocaust never happened." ; "Global warming is a political issue and nothing more." ; "Television news gives me an accurate view of the world." ; "Biological races are real." ; "Biological race determines success in sports." ; "Most conspiracy theories are true."
Strange healings. "Alternative medicine is better." ; "Homeopathy really works, and no side effects!" ; "Faith healing cures the sick and saves lives." ; "Race-based medicine is a great idea." ; "No vaccines for my baby!"
Lure of the gods. "My god is the real one." ; "My religion is the one that's true." ; "Creationism is true and evolution is not." ; "Intelligent design is real science." ; "The universe and earth are fine-tuned for life." ; "Many prophecies have come to pass." ; "Prayer works!" ; "Religions are sensible and safe. Cults are silly and dangerous." ; "They found Noah's Ark!" ; "Archaeology proved my religion is true." ; "Holy relics possess supernatural powers." ; "A TV preacher needs my money."
Bizarre beings. "Ghosts are real and they live in haunted houses." ; "Bigfoot lives and cryptozoology is real science!" ; "Angels watch over me."

Published Reviews
Booklist Review: "*Starred Review* Prometheus, the premier publisher of skeptical literature, here issues a book that deserves to be shelved alongside the works of such giants of the field as Randi, Shermer, Kurtz, and Nickell. Combining lively prose and keen analytical reasoning, its author examines some of contemporary culture's most commonly held beliefs. From the seemingly mystical (psychics; the predictions of Nostradamus) to the patently ludicrous (vaccines cause autism; NASA faked the moon landings), not to mention the just plain silly (the Bible Code; astrology is based in science), commonly held beliefs are given the critical once-over. Harrison shows how belief in the unsupportable is frequently the product of gullibility, lack of logical reasoning, and wishful thinking. There's also confirmation bias, the very common tendency to remember things that seem to confirm one's belief, such as a hit by a psychic during a cold reading, while forgetting everything that contradicts the belief, such as all the wild (and wildly incorrect) guesses the psychic also threw out. The book is sure to anger believers, but, as Harrison reminds us, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and the proof to support these commonly held beliefs just ain't there. A valuable, not to mention very entertainingly written, addition to the literature of skepticism.--Pitt, David Copyright 2010 Booklist"
From Booklist, Copyright (c) American Library Association. Used with permission.
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