Aura of Night

by Graham, Heather

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True evil never dies. It only waits in the dark. All book editor Megan Law wants is to bury the memory of her brutal kidnapping and move on with her life. So when her publisher asks her to spin her hellish experience into the next bestseller, Megan agrees only because it might help keep other women safe. Then a mysterious, gruesome package arrives in the mail—a reminder that the nightmare isn't over just yet. FBI investigator Ragnar Johnson is running out of time. He knows in his gut there's more to the recent Embracer killings, and he needs Megan's help. Even with their rocky past behind them, working together now isn't going to be easy. But when things take a deadly turn, Megan and Ragnar discover a deep connection that they'll have to use, because something is trying to tear them apart...forever. "Tightly woven... Delivers a cunning mystery." —Caffeinated Reviewer on Seeing DarknessKrewe of HuntersBook 1: Phantom EvilBook 2: Heart of EvilBook 3: Sacred EvilBook 4: The Evil InsideBook 5: The UnseenBook 6: The UnholyBook 7: The UnspokenBook 8: The UninvitedBook 9: THE NIGHT IS WATCHINGBook 10: The Night Is AliveBook 11: THE NIGHT IS FOREVERBook 12: The CursedBook 13: The HexedBook 14: The BetrayedBook 15: The SilencedBook 16: The ForgottenBook 17: The HiddenBook 18: Haunted DestinyBook 19: Deadly FateBook 20: Darkest JourneyBook 21: Dying BreathBook 22: Dark RitesBook 23: Wicked DeedsBook 24: Fade to BlackBook 25: Pale as DeathBook 26: Echoes of EvilBook 27: The SummoningBook 28: The SeekersBook 29: The StalkingBook 30: Seeing DarknessBook 31: Deadly TouchBook 32: Dreaming DeathBook 33: The UnforgivenBook 34: The ForbiddenBook 35: The UnknownBook 36: Sound of DarknessBook 37: Aura of NightBook 38: Voice of Fear
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Subjects Thriller
Publisher MIRA Books2022
Language English
ISBN 9780369720757